Homo Sapiens

Past 500,000-250,000 years. Homo Sapiens (was) Genetically Engineered (By Who or What?) Hybrid Species to be “programmable” (Form Follows Function – Purpose – Reason To Be Etc.) slaves “designed” to manifest and maintain and expand Human Civilizations (as History details) at the behest of Principalities (Unseen Entities) in “High Places” (Invisible Realms and Underworlds) whereas “As Above So Below” (On Earth as it is in Heaven). Homo Sapiens adaptive to living on Earth within the Earth’s (Gaia’s) Sustained and Symbiotic Bio-Eco- Logical (Physiological) Environment such as it is a viable Living System of Lifeforms.

Official History (Academic) is a specialized abstraction which obscures the Occult (hidden knowledge and secret societies) Causation by unseen and invisible “Principalities” so as to create a programmable psychological matrix that manifests in the Human affairs of this World Reality such as it appears in current events today.

One cannot account (scientifically) for the actions of this world today without full spectrum knowledge of an actual “Bigger Picture” which intimately reflects the will and activities of these unseen and invisible (Occult) “Principalities” and their dominating effects and affectations in the World as we know it.

Official History is a Mississippi of Lies (Artfully Scripted Social Mind Control and Psycho-Political Propaganda) – what is “taught” in Schools and Universities and what is “projected” (infused) through Mainstream and Social Media formats and mass public social indoctrinations that actively “mind control” what the people think and manifests in the cultural “Matrix” that “Officially” presents itself to us in the “cultivated” worldview mindsets commonly in vogue.

The genetically engineered human mind perceptions and capabilities are fundamentally limited to the programmable domain (The Matrix) and so the human ego personality, which is a programmable function, cannot realize or comprehend beyond its limited capacities. One (The Soul and Spirit) is not a psychological or “ego centric” product of the Human Mind or Human Body programming – One is the very Sentient Center of Awareness and Knowing “Created in the Image of God” – God being The Divine Essence of Creation; Infinite Truth and Life being Omniscient (all knowing) Omnipresent (all being) and Omnipotent (all powerful) Creation being the “Will of God” Divine Love and Wisdom reflected and expressed in the Living World and experienced within a context of Human relationships in the World.

One seeking God, manifesting as a Living Experiential Dynamic, is the Highest Purpose (reason for being) through Self-Realization and Spiritual Enlightenment.

We see the world that we knew as a child growing up in what America used to be devolving into a social morass of miscreant obscenities as result of satanic and demonic “godless” marxist orchestrated “Color Revolutions”. What is happening and what is coming (The Tribulation) isn’t pretty! One needs and wants to be as informed (knowledgeable) and wise about what is really going on and what the final outcome will be.

To be continued…..

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