Visions of Flat Earth (1)

You’re free to believe anything you want. I can attest the world is “round” because I sailed and traveled around it. I see an electro-magnetic-gravitational global context Divinely “engineered” (by the Creator) – woven into the living dynamics of all things of Creation with perfect ecological symmetry and aesthetics. Language dynamics however are prone to scriptural misinterpretations over so many generations removed from Genesis.

There is the Living God of the ever-present experiential moment; and then there is the god of egocentric imaginations. Everything of the egocentric personality is a self-justified “psychological” fantasy – a personality “phantom” within the carnal mind.

Right. Well I would say sin has its own built in complexities. And since this is a “collective” thing our world today is really “messed up” as a consequence that gets passed along generationally and is indeed the most critical paradox. God Bless those who are Awake!

They are what they are and always have been. The knowledge of Good and Evil comes with a responsible choice. The evil is most tempting and seductive; and because of this there will be the human drama as a consequence.

That’s just too much comparative distortion for one image! It’s a psycho-political game (been going on for thousands if not millions + solar years) and the players need to choose a side until the game is won; and then “we” can move on to more heavenly pastures……

We see through the organic (carnal) video cameras of the eyes; we hear through organic (carnal) microphones of the ears; with a holistic perception of “reality” in the mind (a psychological construct) integrating all the carnal senses (50 to be exact) through encoded and decoded nerve signals (passed through sensory nerve channels of the carnal body) just as we see artificially abstracted Quantum AI Robotics. What we are perceiving through the carnal senses is an interpretive “illusion” of reality. One must consider the Soul’s interface with all of this; and by this we draw “Cosmic” and “Heavenly” conclusions interpreted through the instrumentality of language programming. That’s about as “Flat Earth” as it could get!

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