What I See (1)

Impostor in the WH Press Puppet KJP lies incessantly. Lying to the American People and the Press is KJP’s MO. Lying is what she does – and so poorly too because it’s so obvious. She knows she is lying and just keeps regurgitating the same old lies from her lying script. She is patently a traitor to America because lying to deceive The American People is what traitors do.

It is common sense that where there is a conflict amongst patriot doctrinaires a hidden third party malignancy is instigating these conflicts. This hidden third party malignancy is the enemy covertly infiltrating the patriot movements to disrupt and destroy Constitutional America. Spot and isolate this malignancy and you’ve got your criminal insurgents.

Fires just targeting homes mostly in another rural community in northern CA. Remember Paradise CA? Firefighters have stated they’ve never seen fires burning whole towns like this before. Like what’s really causing these fires anyway?

Demonic-Rats see the world as a collective virtual reality that only they can control through whatever criminally expedient means that they can imagine. Mob “Rules for Radicals” is their MO and marxist’s bible.

We see through the organic (carnal) video cameras of the eyes; we hear through organic (carnal) microphones of the ears; with a holistic perception of “reality” in the mind (a psychological construct) integrating all the carnal senses (50 to be exact) through encoded and decoded nerve signals (passed through sensory nerve channels of the carnal body) just as we see artificially abstracted Quantum AI Robotics. What we are perceiving through the carnal senses is an interpretive “illusion” of reality. One must consider the Soul’s interface with all of this; and by this we draw “Cosmic” and “Heavenly” conclusions interpreted through the instrumentality of language programming. That’s about as “Flat Earth” as it could get!

The Satanic Host of Pseudo-Medicine and Doctors. The Neo-Witch-Doctors of Modern Globalist Medicine and its prefabricated doctrines and scripted narratives.

There is the Living God of the ever-present experiential moment; and then there is the god of egocentric imaginations. Everything of the egocentric personality is a self-justified “psychological” fantasy – a personality “phantom” within the carnal mind.

These billions are payoffs to the criminal “insider” deals made by the Bush Clinton Obama Biden congressional criminal mob syndicates especially with reference to the Ukraine and China. The American Citizen Taxpayer is then held accountable to honor these “Federal” debits. Quite the scheme if you can get away with it (much longer?)!

An example of (depth) psychological warfare should one really consider it. Making the DS BS narratives “household words” through socially orchestrated mainstream advertisements. One must be aware of these DS “clues”!

You’re free to believe anything you want. I can attest the world is “round” because I sailed and traveled around it. I see an electro-magnetic-gravitational global context Divinely “engineered” (by the Creator) – woven into the living dynamics of all things of Creation with perfect ecological symmetry and aesthetics. Language dynamics however are prone to scriptural misinterpretations over so many generations removed from Genesis.

Spotted! Disinfo purveyors hiding their identities at the MASSIVE REAL PRESIDENT Rally in PA! What organization are these “mask formation psychosis” Covidiots a part of?

Wearing a mask is a dead give-a-way. DS Mind controlled zombies or undercover FBI agents. Utterly stupid either way!

Joe Biden’s impostor presidency was “dead on arrival”. What you got “projecting” as “joe” is a DS puppet demon. Joe’s admin is all about death. Stands to reason!

The Truth is always appreciated. Joe Biden is an “Enemy of The People of this Nation”. That’s the down and dirty truth. Many things I agree with DJT about – so many things – and that’s what I admire about him. He’s an incredible leader for the greatest good for The Nation and its People.

Perhaps The People can now recognize the patent evil Joe Biden’s Satanic mob (MSDNC Demonic-Rats & RINOs) represents as one remembers the Satanic mob’s (MSDNC Demonic-Rat’s and RINOs) Election Stealer’s Presidential Inauguration ceremony replica of Third Reich NAZI ceremonies. This is Joe Biden’s Presidential Psycho-Political (NWO) motif. Now we have a raving NAZI styled “dramatizing psychotic” threatening violence against US (The American People). It’s just plain ugly and absolutely disgusting!

Rem: Sigma I-67 and II-67 War Games “revisited” one must expect anything from DS players. False Flags. Impersonations for Mockingbird MSM Faked News. These “Bad Guys” are running the same old DS script as they attack America!

Just another Nancy Pelosi’s “Wrap Up SmearIng” campaign. More (DS scripted) feeders for the MSDNC MSM Mockingbirds Fake News and Deep State Propaganda. When you put all these frazzled pictures together it looks seriously “DUI” inebriated to me!

The Best (American) President Ever vs The Worst (imposter) President Ever. How poetic!

The “Bots Virus” is spreading exponentially upon Telegram Channels along with Trolls Scammers and Channel Impersonators. Hey, Telegram you don’t want to become the new “Twitter” (with 80% DS Bots as is now being revealed) now do you?

Still pending an “OK to Go” from the owners of the moon.

Artemis launch still pending an “OK To Go” from the “Owners of the Moon”!

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation started with a different name that is more indicative of its true intentions

It was called the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population Control.

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They (MSDNC Demonic-Rats & RINOs) “project” who and what they really are onto their political opponents and the American public as a marxist (dialectic) psycho-political “technique” with gaslighted “Wrap Up Smearing” and with lies and deceptive deflection of public attention away from public detection of their own treasonous crimes and high crimes which are hidden behind a smokescreen of “Secrets of State” and pseudo “official” classifications.

And as one remembers the MSDNC Demonic-Rat’s (and RINOs) Satanic Election Stealer’s Presidential Inauguration ceremony was a replica of The Third Reich NAZI ceremonies. This is Joe Biden’s Presidential Psycho-Political (NWO) motif. Now we have a raving NAZI styled “dramatizing psychotic” threatening violence against US (The American People). Absolutely disgusting!

Right. Well I would say sin has its own built in complexities. And since this is a “collective” thing our world today is really “messed up” as a consequence that gets passed along generationally and is indeed the most critical paradox. God Bless those who are Awake!

They are what they are and always have been. The knowledge of Good and Evil comes with a responsible choice. The evil is most tempting and seductive; and because of this there will be the human drama as a consequence.

Many are prone to misinterpretation of the scriptures after so many generations removed and all the misinterpreted translations. The Truth is Axiomatic but only to those with the perceptual capacity to “see” it – the Truth is also empirical when rightly understood with its Divine context.

What the Joe Biden mob consider as “democracy” is the freedom of the traitorous criminal psycho-political MSDNC Demonic-Rats and RINOs “elite” (class) to commit treason crimes and high crimes against Americans and The Republic with impunity in accordance with their NWO WEF WHO Marxist Agenda 2030

Re: VARS Reports. Do your bloody homework. The VARS are off the chart everywhere. Being ignorant of all the information that is screaming at you from Doctors and VAX Victims from around the world. All the court cases. The information is screaming at you from all directions and you are willfully ignorant of all these facts? Give me a break. The signs are everywhere and have been on-going since this insidious VAX program since (before) the 1980’s. Geeesh! When were you born? – my goodness!

I’m not looking for the information it is coming to me by the truckload from multiple verified sources worldwide (including my own VARS case which is precisely to the point) along with a full spectrum analysis of current events worldwide. I’m not peeking through a pinhole to see the shadows dancing on the wall of someone else’s cave.

Gee I wonder what Joe Biden “The Psycho-political Puppet of the Hour” has to do with all that? That is the destruction of America as “We” knew it. What you see is what you get! All together now…….

White House Press Sec Karine Jean-Pierre – my goodness! What’s to be made of this inverted piece of script eh? She is warning the public that American Patriots and Conservative Constitutionalists are now to be considered “terrorist” threats to “Our Democracy” and “Our Freedoms”. What she actually means by this utter “inversion” of the political reality (against the Oath of Office that she took) that “Our Democracy” is the MSDNC Demonic-Rats stolen election “democracy” and the illicit freedoms (above the law) of the MSDNC Demonic-Rat Criminal Elitists freedom to commit treasonous crimes and high crimes with impunity. This is the “Our” (mob rule) that she is referring to – not “The People’.

Liz Cheney is a revolting psycho-political operator. These psycho-political traitors and criminals project their crimes and treason onto their political opponents in order to slander them and misdirect attention away from themselves. Liz needs to go to Jail with the Clintons and the Obamas. Patience is a virtue!

These Joe Biden MALIGNANT Rants A patent portrait of the “Enemy within the Gates” by way of an obvious stolen election and still lying and inverting reality and gaslighted projection propaganda tactics. This demonic creature makes me sick literally just to witness this twisted performance. Worse than sick!

Marxism was “commissioned” by the Crown aka Globalist NWO (The Plan for Global Governance by the Counterfeiting “Elite”) to provide a seditious psycho-political “blueprint” for infiltrating & overthrowing sovereign nation states by implementing a Communist State in denigration and replacement of their Sovereign Constitutional Status. It was deployed to eliminate the Russian Royal Family and the Russian State and further to initiate World War 2 (designed by MI6) to take over all of Russia; and then China and so many other states worldwide including the United States. This is what Marxism is; it’s also what we see in current events. It’s a Satanic Operation.

WW3 Irregular Warfare to be precise. Destroying critical infrastructure and making it appear to be an “accident” or an “Act of God”. Insidious to its core!

Complicit with the WEF WHO genocidal agenda engineered to depopulate the world. Rem ZPG and the “Limits to Growth” NWO “Prospectus”.

Liberal zombies are malignant godless Marxist fascists who take their cues from Marxist (transformational) Doctrines and Saul D. Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” (w/ “Chicago University Styled” Clinton & Obamaesque mentorships) now hell bent on manifesting a psycho-political “Mob Rule” transformation of traditional Sovereign Nation States into Communist Tyrannies and Criminal Dictatorships. They are the Enemies of The People.

Concerned Citizen SLAMS School Board Over a Book That Encourages Children to Get on a Gay Sex App

“The kids at the schools are 11 to 13 years old, and it is encouraging them to go on the dating site, Grindr … It is not just a place where you go and meet other people. It is a gay sex app, and you are encouraging children to go onto that app and engage in these sexual activities. You’re opening them up to sexual predators, and you’re opening them up to grooming. So what I’m here to say is that there are no excuses for having a book like this in classrooms at schools here in Florida. It is evil.”


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Just ask JFK – trying to clean-up the treasonous “intelligence community” and expose their crimes and high crimes can take your life.

Where does AOC get her marxist “marching orders” from? She’s much too stupid to come up with her staged nonsense spectacles all by herself.

These Biden creatures knowingly lie about everything right into the public faces expecting their lies to be perceived as facts. Their patent contempt for The People knows no bounds. Lying to The People is Biden Admin’s MO. Lying is what “They” do! Total inversion of the facts and Truth is what “They” do.

“I have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

Seems all the unconstitutional alphabet agencies are all Crown Globalist WEF NWO operatives. Common Sense dictates they all should not only be abolished but these operatives need be prosecuted for treason crimes and high crimes against We The People of the United States and The World.

God is all there really is, everything else is a delusion. Ockham’s Razor to a “T”! And all you really need to know…..

Just another twisted narrative by a DS psycho-political MSDNC Mockingbird; and, just what you’d expect!

There is absolutely “No Benefit” from this genocidal VAX Kill Shot. It’s a 100% liability physically and psychologically. This VAX is doing exactly what it is genetically engineered to do: make people insane diseased sick maimed and dead. And, it’s working just as we can see, and what we see is a tyranny of premeditated genocide. “They” can spin this anyway to the moon and back and it still is what it is as a matter of real world forensic facts.

What’s considered “Top Secret” (“So Secret”) to the “Deep State” (Crown Globalist NWO Cabal) is any official (or unofficial) document that reveals and exposes Deep State agents crimes and high crimes against the US Constitutional Republic. It’s that simple. FBI on a fishing op to see what’s in DJT’s closet of secrets that will reveal the treason and crimes that the FBI and DOJ (and CIA) have been committing against The American People.

What’s considered “Top Secret” to the “Deep State” (Crown Globalist NWO Cabal) is any official (or unofficial) document that reveals and exposes Deep State agents crimes and high crimes against the US Constitutional Republic. It’s that simple.

Now I’m finding more and more I’m being blocked from posting comments on very interesting channels and sites. These are channels and sites that are aligned with initiatives that I’m in support of – but certain items of the Truth seem to be “inconvenient facts” needing to be “censored” even by those so passionate about the Truth – which makes for a very paradoxical situation. This is a psycho-political arena on all sides as it’s a Deep State political battle that’s playing out for which Truth is about accessory facts!

Killing the kids was part of Herr Dr. Fauci’s plan. Herr Dr. Fauci is a thoroughly premeditated scum of the Big Pharma Industry and the WEF/WHO Agenda 2030 for the world. Diseased Maimed and Death are all dynamic parts of Herr Dr. Fauci’s plan.

Well, after all this is said and done Donald J. Trump’s gonna have a whole lot of explaining to do over the genocidal VAX “Kill Shots” that he is taking all the credit for in his “Operation Warp Speed” initiative. “Operation Warp Speed was a public–private partnership initiated by the United States government to facilitate and accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics. Wikipedia Now what are we to make of this?

Wokeism is an “implanted” insanity designed to destroy the social and cultural heritage of morality ethics social decency and common sense. It’s psychological warfare and must be recognized for its malignancy.

Truth is a Divine Principle. And, it demolishes the deception which is the current order of the day. The “Plan” is primarily a legally controlled exposition and prosecution of the treason (betrayal of the common trust) and criminality (crimes against The People and Humanity) through the Constitutional Standards (as was intended by the Founding Fathers (and Mothers) of the Constitutional Republic. There’s nothing wrong or even outdated in the original Constitution the problem being that it has never been fully applied or maintained by a just Constitutional Assembly. Obviously this is an extremely complex affair today and the province of Military Intelligence. This is what we see unravelling currently.

The messenger of TRUTH will always be attacked and falsely accused because the enemy does not want you to focus on the message.

The enemy wants to distract and deceive you into focusing on the messenger. The enemy uses those tactics to get you to question the legitimacy of the TRUTH of the message because ALL messengers with the exception of Jesus Christ are imperfect.

TRUTH v. lie.

Good v. evil.

God v. the devil.

We do not battle flesh and blood.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸


Lori, you don’t have the faintest idea of what you’re talking about. That much is very clear. The hardest process in treating someone who has been perceptually impaired from birth – i.e. blind – is getting them to realize that they are blind – they have no experiential concept of what it is to see and so anything one describes of visual perceptions is completely unreal to their conception of reality. That I was Blind but now I See – this is the testimony. There’s no way a chat with you would make any sense because you have no Perception of Truth which is beyond the sight of the seeing. You just don’t “see it”. And beyond that there is no way of explaining anything…..

The marxist philosophy is a psycho-political dynamic application of Hegelian Dialectics = Thesis vs Anti-Thesis = Synthesis i.e. into the NWO. This is what is being played out in the ongoing WW3 and it’s really “heating up”! Good vs Evil….. here we go into an unimaginable future!

Well now with Herr Dr. Fauci’s “damage done” and “mission accomplished” Herr Dr. Fauci can retire with Dark Deep State advisor status with billons in misappropriated taxpayer funds. Taxpayers can now be exterminated all in due time. Well done Herr Dr. Fauci! Next Chapter should be Nuremberg 2.0. And now I hear Herr Dr. Fauci is going on speaking tours with a “book deal” in the works that will profit him all that much more. Who is going to stop this monster? It’s obvious as hell his mass crimes against humanity – that’s his agenda.

I’m not “self-proclaiming” anything. Your self-delusion (ignorance) is impenetrable. As I say – you misunderstand everything I say and attribute things that have no part of it. That’s not me. Whatever you are imagining in your mind – that’s not me. So – go away in peace. This chat is going absolutely nowhere – although there are some that might agree. Goodnight Lori – sleep tight and sweet dreams……

Go with your God in peace Lori. You give no rational response so I must assume your God is irrational. That’s not a good sign. But, he! let Stew deal with it in The Lords Time.

I have contradicted absolutely nothing. You misunderstand what I say – that is your confusion – not mine. From what I can see none of you are actually literate of the scriptures or the history that they represent. There is no sense in attacking me for making an empirical observation. You have no understanding of whatever it is you are talking about. That’s your problem – not mine. As I said – go away in peace. As far as I can see you are just crazy. That is not contributing a wit to what needs to be done.

Lori get off you ego trip. It’s of the devil. Point of fact is nobody in this ridiculous chat understands a word I say. Satanic education TV and Movies has made you all crazy. Get a grip! Look up the word “Psychosis” and read the definition. The Word God is printed as a literary symbol. G.O.D. the letters are from the Phoenician alphabet which is all character symbols. What these symbols mean is the essential understanding in the minds of human kind. God is not a word. That’s a simple fact. The meaning of God is beyond human thoughts and words. This is from the scriptures. You must have been distracted or absent that day of school!

The marxist philosophy is a psycho-political dynamic application of Hegelian Dialectics = Thesis vs Anti-Thesis = Synthesis i.e. into the NWO. This is what is being played out in the ongoing WW3 and it’s really “heating up”! Good vs Evil….. here we go into an unimaginable future!

I don’t disagree with Stew. Stew is doing an amazing job. That’s why I’m subscribed to his channel. But this chat response began with criticism of my comment (s) (completely misunderstood) by a Luciferian. And look now what confused nonsense it has turned into! I’ve even lost track of where it started – perhaps just a “senior moment” and look how I am perceived – this is utterly ridiculous. Say no more and go in peace. Thank you…..

God is a word not God. What is your definition for that word? I guess you can imagine any definition for God you like. I’m just stating my definition and understanding of the word in the simplest and clearest terms. Perhaps that’s too “complicated” for you?

Seems Truth is labeling “Sensitive Content” – why is that? Who is doing that? Tell me the Truth now!

God is Truth and Omniscience – All Knowing and all that can be known – by humans or demons. It is axiomatic to the Perception of Truth. All knowledge or the ability to know comes from God. Got nothing to do with Gurus, Ascended Masters, or Lucifer.

Go in peace child. My statement is very clear. I don’t live inside my own head. I live in the spirit of knowing (all sides of the story). Why would I need to live inside your head to know anything? That’s the very first clue……

Because it (the “unknown cause of death) is the genocidal VAX “Kill Shot”? These genocidal psychopaths don’t want you to know that so they make up exotic inexplicable stuff to deceive their victims. There is no doubt whatsoever that is it!

I don’t “believe” I know. It’s a matter of perception not belief. You can believe whatever you want. I don’t have a problem with that. You have no idea what I know – that’s simply a matter of fact. God is my Truth. I just point out the obvious to anyone with some common sense.

OK, you stay on the fence and watch the world burn. Whoever is exposing the satanic destruction of my country is my champion. Those who can’t choose between deception and the Truth are only sabotaging the future.

Scammers (impersonators) are godless creatures that have no common sense; no moral conscience or ethical sense of consequence. In short – self-deluded little malignant criminally insane psychopaths (aka marxists; an ego’s nihilist wet dream) being willfully ignorant as sin – they are in fact a human virus infecting the social order w/ their malicious psycho-pathological disease.

Government isn’t there to take care of you – it’s there to ensure and defend your right and ability to take care of yourself, your family, your community, and your nation.

Turn Off Your TV. Don’t listen or watch that mind controlling crap. Investigate whatever you’re “intuitively drawn” to find out about – doesn’t need to focus on elections – the evil runs deep along many channels. Realize the deception and seek the Truth within your own reality. The suggestion of “what to do” will come from within. It’s actually your divine inheritance. You have to realize it. No one else can tell you.

Herr Dr. Fauci is an international criminal. There’s an international tribunal prosecuting his case. Herr Dr. Fauci is complicit world wide in premeditated and actual crimes against humanity (and other living creatures). All the complicit traitorous criminal psycho-politicians currently inhabiting Congress and the WH certainly will obstruct prosecution but by their acts you will know them!

Posted November 2020: Anyone w/ half a brain & common sense can see MSDNC complicit w/ [DS] cyber tech affected voting system + ‘Vote by Mail’ scam; CV19 fear porn; lockdowns; faked votes; cargo-loads of fake ballots; malware electronic ‘flips’; paper ballot vote ‘switches’; evasions of oversight in complicit polling stations; votes ‘lost in mail’; ‘harvesting’ votes from mental institutions, prisons, nursing homes, dead people (or on life support), CV19 victims, teenagers, street people, illegal aliens (Terrestrial & ET), demonic spirits & ghosts from underworld. MSDNC (scripted) MSM spewing mass confusion & chaos obscuring legitimate votes, delaying final count, obstructing verification until no longer relevant. Demonic-rats getting desperate w/ obvious reputation for deception & fraud clearly seen over past decades. Protect & Defend US Constitutional Republic against Enemies Foreign & Domestic! Go w/ Voter ID! Be correctly informed. Participate every way you can. Solution on the table. Sanctify the People’s Vote!

Now where would you go to research to answer your question? Everything that’s being exposed reflects on earlier elections – to wit – all the traitorous criminals that have been occupying the Congress and Whitehouse for many many many decades now. Assassination is one of those means of control that’s been used pretty liberally in the past. There’s a whole catalog of ways and means to control and steal elections. The evidence is abundantly “out there”. I was 13 when JFK was assassinated along with many other charismatics – we scoured the FOIA materials until Bush Sr closed the door to public research on this information. You have to do your own homework! Otherwise, well the definition of ignorance applies.

Big Events World Wide are Inevitable including the ELEs that are coming. The elites are “positioning” themselves. Remember “The Flood”? (The Younger Dryas Event). Today’s psycho-politics is literally an “Evil Clown” show. Unfortunately we will need to see it through however this “Evil Clown” show presents itself to parochial realities.

The Elections were controlled before and after the CIA assassination of JFK (and so many others) – also especially evident in the Gore Jr and Bush Jr the Retard election leading up to 9/11. So, now we have an opportunity to expose the election scam fraud that’s been in play forever. It will be what it will be!

About as honest as “persons” get. They (and we) are caught up in a cosmic conundrum. God is omniscience (all knowing) which includes one’s human capacity to know. God is Truth expressed in the Divine Principle of Truth – the very existence and fact of Truth. In the world 2nd and 3rd hand truth is relative to circumstances of one’s reality of the world. So, yes – I perceive G. Flynn as an honest guy.

Well, unfortunately, Trump is the only show in town. This psycho political circus will play out inevitably as it must. Perhaps those who survive will be better informed by it all. Humanity is a “Storybook” mentality. What we see in current events is a story playing out. View discretion is advised!

Klaus Schwab’s (aka Kissinger appt) WEF presents and projects the most monstrous dystopian world one could ever imagine. We instinctively know of Good & Evil and the differences as they are expressed in characterizations portrayed in all traditional human story lines. It is very clear we are now involved in the most epic battle – the “End of Days” culminating human modern “techno” society. There’s no question of who are the Good guys and who are the Bad guys in this WEF projection. The WEF is as Evil as Evil gets by all relativistic accounts.

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