87,000 Armed IRS Agents?

Canada Is Building A Climate Police Force…

They Have The Power To Enter Any Location That Effects The Environment Without A Warrant…

And Shut It Down!

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And then hook up with our 87,000 armed IRS agents to terrorize and rob North American Citizens blind. What a WEF NWO mix!

The IRS is hiring 87,000 agents to help audit the American people because government wants to maximize their tax money. Why can’t we audit elections to maximize our trust in our election systems and processes?

87,000 constitutionally illegitimate IRS “Audit Agents” are all about the World Financial Reset. They are going extort (steal) every last dollar (of value) from American Citizen “Taxpayers” as the WEF New World Order Financial System “transitions” into full spectrum “authoritarian” effect. And now with armed IRS agents to threaten and forcefully coerce American Citizens with a completely unconstitutional FED/IRS tyranny.

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