Time Keeping (1)

The human concept of time is myopic and prone to many delusions – so what you see is what you get! In my sense of the world there is only the present moment such as it is such as it is recognized and understood. Darwin’s “Evolution of the Species” was commissioned (By the Crown) as a cultivated story of disinformation to keep the people of the world in the dark and even Darwin admitted to this nearing his death. This world’s principalities are playing mass hypnotic word games to keep the populations mesmerized with their self-delusions. That’s a matter of fact. I’m am familiar with the (400 year long debate) Nicean Council originally commissioned by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in 325 AD culminating in first official compilation of the Holy Roman Bible some 3 centuries later. The King James Version was an extensive interpretive work commissioned in 1609 AD. I’ve found this complex of history to be most interesting and informative. As far as the “age of the earth” goes one must mark the “beginning” with the advent of human self-consciousness or “Human Genesis” as the Biblical account goes. All that is is “contained” in the present moment of experiential self-consciousness. This is purely axiomatic. Time Keeping is certainly “paradoxical”!

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