September 2022 (2)

U.S. Doctor testifies under oath that mRNA injections are killing children. Two teenage boys die after injection and the parents are horrified. He declares that all mRNA injections should stop immediately and be pulled from the market before more children die.

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NATO is part of the WEF/FED cartel.

Everything NATO does is lies and murders. Since 70 years!

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Shingles is a disease of decreased immune power…

It’s as simple as that.

There is no epidemic of shingles… This is what we predicted 18 to 24 months ago:

Antibody dependent enhancement

The shots degrade the human immune system

Opportunistic organisms take hold and that’s what you are witnessing among the Jabbed

Newsom is a pathological liar. It’s not a debate – it’s a deception. There’s no debating anything with these Elitist WEF psycho-political puppets – there’s no negotiating anything with their Tyrannical NWO agenda for California, The US, and The World. CNN is their instrumental obscenity.

Texas has had to deal with 450,000 illegal migrants in ONE SECTOR so far this year.

Martha’s Vineyard freaked out and called in the military to deport just 50.

More video from our brand new night flying drone with thermal imaging from early this morning. Within just 2 hours in Eagle Pass, TX this AM, we saw 3 large groups totaling 500+ crossing illegally in three spots.

450,000+ illegal crossings in this sector so far this year, Bill Melugin reports.


A massive caravan of Syrians from both sides of the Turkish border, is seeking to mimic the South American ‘Viacrucis del migrante’ (Migrant Way of the Cross) caravan, that poured  2 million illegal immigrants into the US recently. They have seen Europe’s moral weakness and are coming here. The call their movement ‘The Caravan of Light’ when it’s the exact opposite. Up to 100,000 people follow their pages and there are 4 million Syrians in Turkey alone. The Greeks need to re-enact a Thermopylae situation at the Evros River.

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