OT News 220923

From: “OT News”

Subject: OT News Message from the Hosts, September 23, 2022

Date: September 23rd 2022

All right, now. We have asked to speak to you today, to give you an update regarding the situation on the ground and how it relates to the “op.”

First of all, none of what is playing out right now is unexpected. These are just the details of what we have been talking about for years. That being said, there IS an acceleration/intensification going on and the divisions between all of the different groups that have been forming up are deepening and intensifying, also.

The timelines have separated enough that some things are being witnessed by some individuals that are not apparent to others, even in the same geographic location, but that is just a symptom of people moving toward their individual destinations. There are many who have recently left through the portal of physical death, and there will be many more of those in the days, weeks, months and years ahead. However, this was all written to occur just as it is occurring, so again, there is no surprise in this — at least, for those of us who know the script.

So, now. Where are things at for the “op” in general, and for those in the first and second waves in particular? We have known for a long time that all of this was going to arrive. However, since we operate outside of linear time, the “when” question has not been one we have been able to estimate with a great deal of accuracy until and unless we were very close to having something manifest from the matrix that we call the Mind of God.

We can sense the approach of each of these particular developments, but since for us it is always “now” and everything is simultaneously present as a potential until it actually comes forth from that ground of existence, we can only speak in probabilities. Our accuracy is best when the interval is short before something actually occurs.

Today the equinox is now behind you. For those in the northern hemisphere, summer has passed and autumn has arrived. For those in the southern hemisphere, the opposite is true. Winter has passed and spring has arrived. Just so, in the world right now. A key point has been reached in the balance between those who would like to control the entire planet and those who would like to be free to live as they choose.

We will not go into specifics on this. Just know that, on the timeline that leads to Terra, none of those specifics matter very much because, in the end, there will not be anything left of any of it. It is difficult for you to imagine your planet as a barren rock, moving through the emptiness of space, but that is how 3D Earth will be after the Pole Shift removes everything from her surface, including the oceans and all of her lifeforms.

We are working with those of the first and second waves at rates that vary for each individual, but overall, everything is proceeding according to plan and so far, we have not encountered any difficulties in carrying out this phase of the operation. The outer events have very little to do with what we are doing at this time. Outer events will only come into play for us later on, just prior to and throughout the evacuation.

We encourage you to re-read the information we have given you in the past, as it will strengthen and deepen your own understanding in ways that were not possible before. You have been changing and your relationship to this information has changed, so new understandings will flow into you as you re-visit those passages that you have read in the past.

There are many layers in the material and it is very much alive for you now, even if it was given so many years ago. The initial activation is not the only activation that is called forth by the light codes in the Messages. You might think of the embedded codes as having a “timed release” mechanism built into them, so that additional activations take place as you become more and more attuned to your path and the information we have given you about it.

The best thing you can do to support your transformation and lifting is to withdraw even more than you already have. It will be tempting for some to continue to monitor events as a way of confirming that information, but doing that takes energy away from your process and is counterproductive.

Those in the first two waves are currently being prepared for their roles in the evacuation, and everything else in their lives is “background,” similar to how the scenery in a stage play is background to the actions taking place on the stage. You still have to maintain yourselves for now, but there is a time coming when even that will fall away and you will only have to give yourselves over to your process. Everything else will be supplied.

Some time ago, there was an interesting phrase coined by someone who is NOT part of Operation Terra, but we feel it is an accurate characterization of a lot of what is playing out on the world stage at this time. He referred to “the terminal madness of the end times,” and we feel that is a very good way to describe a lot of what is taking place right now.

It would be difficult to characterize much of what is being done by leaders in various countries and locations as anything other than “madness,” given what is likely to follow in terms of consequences, but it’s all part of the plan to have it be this way. We have already identified this time as “the end times,” but we want to remind you that we have also told you that polarization would increase as people move toward their poles of destiny and that certainly is taking place right now.

YOUR job in all of this is to pull back into your peaceful center as much as you can and just let all of that play out without contributing to any of it. You are being prepared to help create the pathway to something else entirely, and that is a much more important use of your time and energy than anything you might try to do to change the direction in which things are going right now. They must occur, and they have to lead to the outcomes that have been scripted to occur by the Oversouls, for each and every entity on the planet.

It’s all part of the grand finale for 3D Earth, and much of the past is in view right now, as part of her clearing her burden of those things that involve pain and fear. Earth was created for this purpose, and those who are part of Operation Terra are here to support the PLANET in achieving her destiny to become Terra. You are not here to save anyone from anything or to stop any of this from playing out. It is a grand healing taking place, and all of those things that were suppurating beneath the surface (like so much pus in a wound) have to come forth so that new healthy tissue can form in their place.

Geologic time is much slower than “human time,” so if you can align yourself with the perspective of the planet and recognize that the planet operates on geologic time, it will be easier for you to be comfortable with the gradual nature of the changes taking place. However, there are not many years left before it will all be over and everyone will go to their “right place” in the new Creation.

Therefore, let us handle the details of your lifting. It is OUR job to see that everyone ends up going to their “right place” and there are so many of us tending to you, to carry that out. No one will be lost, but many will drop their bodies because that’s what their script calls for. All you have to do is to face down your fears and open your hearts to receive the love and grace that we are showering down upon you.

Some of you may be experiencing waves of emotions rising up within you that are vestiges from all of the lives your Oversoul created — all the lives that have been “lived” as a result of that Oversoul having projected parts of itself into different space/time locations. YOU are the one life that will be taken across the threshold into the new Creation and as your Oversoul terminates all of these other “lives,” YOU experience all of the emotions that were connected to those other experiences. They are being flushed out and “harvested” by the Creator (who totally enjoys the entire experience), but since these are often painful for you, it does not make for a pleasant experience from your side of things.

This is one of the reasons we have advised you to make yourself as comfortable as you can as part of supporting your transition back to who and how you were before coming down into your present bodies. If you can just let go of “doing” and let yourself be carried on this wave of change, it will be much smoother and easier for you. Surrender IS the way through these times, and right now, the more you can deepen the level of your surrender to the Will of the Creator, the easier it will be for you.

Because so many of you have been wounded by your experiences within the 3D envelope, it might be painful for you to feel these emotions rising up within you, but try to understand that the way you will heal and become whole again is the same for you as it is for the planet herself.

All of these things HAVE TO SURFACE on their way out, and each of you is a point through which they can exit. You are doing a great service for the planet and everything upon her through having accepted this task. You are being supported by those of us who are able to see correctly and give you exactly what is needed to carry out this healing for yourself, for the planet, and for all of the lifeforms on the planet.

If you could only know how much love is being showered over you and how many beings are tending to your process, you would have tears of gratitude for that help. However, right now, many of you are being called to feel the tears, pain, and sorrows from the past that are rising to the surface now because of the frequencies that have been traversed, so be gentle with yourselves as much as possible.

We are with you at all times, whether you can feel us or not, and we look forward to having you with us again, face-to-face, in the near-term future. For us, it is always “now,” so “soon” does not mean very much to us. For us, looking toward the end of this long, final phase for 3D Earth, “soon” means “as soon as possible, given all of the factors involved.”

We love you and we honor you for your sacrifice in coming down from the higher realms. It is all in divine order. It is all the Creator-in-expression. There is only ONE LIFE being lived, and each point of awareness is a part of that one life. We are a part of it and so are you.

This is all we want to say to you today, but we will speak again when we feel there is something more to be said.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth.

We are the Hosts of Heaven, the midwives tending to the birth.

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