The Myth of Mystery (2)

As a child life is a mysterious adventure of finding out what one’s life is in relation to all of the life forms manifesting around them in the world. This Mystery draws the Seeker into a lifelong path of finding out what’s really going on in this world and universe; and where all this is leading; it’s a romantic adventure up to the point where one discovers the very disturbing nature of their own world such as it really is; then it becomes an urgent desire to see how this paradoxical reality works out for a better future for not only humanity but also for all life forms on Earth. In the midst it not a pretty or romantic picture anymore; it is a disturbing reality that must be urgently reconciled.

The nature of evil in and about this world is ugly and very disturbing – to the extent of being sickeningly grotesque; and yet it must be dealt with. That’s a major part of the Great Mystery – it’s unavoidable and also unromantic to the extreme. That’s the ugly nature of evil – it’s monstrously demonic. The very fact that this scale of evil exists is overwhelming.

We have reached a time where all the romantic ancient myths have become irrelevant. We find ourselves immersed in a uniquely dynamic existential living experience that turns out to be – just what it is – as it is – when sufficiently or spiritually understood. There will always be a Mysterious Divine beyond the preprogrammed thoughts and words as defined within a delimited scale of human comprehension. This self-delusional construct is a psychological illusion of self – driven by articulated emotional responses as a pattern of personal experience that one identifies with as oneself. So, where it all goes beyond this life is always going to be what it is just as it is. One’s True Self is then confronted with breaking down this ego compulsive self identification through myriad means of meditation and other self-directed processes for the disassociation of One’s Divine Self from this psychologically implanted complex – “ego-centric” phantom of self-delusion.

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