October 2022 (1)

⚡️What We Know of Crimea Bridge ‘Bombing’ So Far

🔘The truck, presumably filled with explosives, was inspected by traffic police before it crossed the Kerch Bridge

🔘According to Ukrainian media citing law enforcement, Kiev’s security services (SBU) may be behind the presumed attack

🔘Repairs to the bridge are to begin immediately after Russia’s security services (FSB) have investigated the scene

🔘Prime Minister Mishustin has appointed a special committee to investigate the incident

🔘Ferry routes between the city of Kuban and Crimea will be launched to service the region

🔘Emergency deliveries to the peninsula will be routed through the recently liberated territories

🔘Three people have also reportedly died as a result



Treasonous Joe Biden is a criminally demented cognitively impaired mentally incapacitated DS (Obama) malignant sock puppet – a patent case of insanity. What could go wrong? —crp

Got a phone call yesterday from some healthcare agency promoting the booster and pressing me to schedule an appointment for my next “free” kill shot. I told the caller I didn’t understand why she was calling me; that my healthcare is managed by the VA; she said “VA oh! ok” and respectfully closed the call. —crp

JUST IN – Gov. Abbott says Texas will “continue busing migrants to NYC, DC, and Chicago” until “Biden does his job to secure the border.”


Abortion is the silent genocide of black Americans and the Democrats protect it, fund it, and will do anything to force it to continue.

Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, a racist and believer in eugenics.

Planned Parenthood should pay reparations.


God “lives” through everything living creation that exists. God “sees” through one’s eyes and through ones experiential life. We are called to acknowledge God’s presence in everything and everyone; through every living thing of Divine Creation. What could be clearer than this?

Liz Cheney is a most repulsive traitor and an absolutely disgusting DS elitist criminal. What else could one expect from this seditious rag?

It’s about time the American People wake up to the fact that the treasonous “elitist” criminal demonic-rat-ic party along with it’s treasonous criminal RINO DS counterparts is a hostile power that has misappropriated the US Government – fact is it is the Enemy of the American People and the Enemy the citizen’s Constitutional Republic. What this Enemy is is an elitist Crown Globalist NWO Agenda for full spectrum totalitarian control of The People, not only of this Nation, but all The People of this world. Its covert power is the power of mass deception, of lies and official “fictions”.

🚨 OB/GYN Dr James Thorp Shares the “Off the Charts” Miscarriages & Fetal Abnormalities He Is Seeing

“Miscarriage has increased by a massive number…fetal cardiac abnormalities…fetal cardiac arrest…it’s way off the charts”

Clip: https://rumble.com/v1mr62g–obgyn-dr-james-thorp-shares-the-off-the-charts-miscarriages-and-fetal-abno.html

Full Video: https://youtu.be/2199TWEmjjU


Joe Biden’s got to be the stupidest person on earth. Every appearance this malignant idiot makes is an insult “in-your-face” to every common sense American Citizen. —crp




5% KNOW and try to WAKE THE 90%.

The 1% USE the 4% to PREVENT the 5% from WAKING UP the 90%.


Join General Patton

JUST IN – Putin orders per decree the transfer of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant into Russian federal ownership.


DeSantis tells it like it is.

3 out of 4 people arrested for looting have been illegal aliens in the aftermath of the hurricane:

“They’re illegally in our country. Not only that, they tried to loot & ransack in the aftermath of a natural disaster. They need to be sent back to their home country. They should not be here at all.”


Dr. Charles Hoffe: “This Vaccine Rollout Has Been the Most Devastatingly Harmful Medical Intervention in History”

“The OpenVAERS from the US shows 1.4 million vaccine injuries, 31,000 deaths, 58,000 people permanently disabled. The Hippocratic Oath is “Do no harm.” And the harms from these are devastating.”

And the underreporting factor of all these numbers is somewhere between 1% and 10%.

Full video

Follow: @Covid19vaccinevictims

The American Medical Association has always been a far left wing operation.

The government and your Congress made killing people in hospitals illegal and required

Now the AMA wants doctors protected for carrying out the death protocol… And they want to help the DOJ prosecute those who question it

A model for State enforced (by all means) genocide for full spectrum population control and controlled depopulation. It’s as simple as that. This is the Crown UN WEF WHO Globalist NWO Agenda for the world. It’s as evil as that!

Whoever controls the money, controls the world. Do people in the US think they are actually free when unelected monetary bureaucrats are placed at the privately controlled Federal Reserve (which is owned by member banks)? Until the people realize they’ve been hoodwinked and demand action, and simultaneously educate others on what has happened, and to have a vision about what it should be, nothing will change. The UN is scared because they realize that increasing rates will collapse global economies, and their power will wane if too many people wake up.


And what’s even crazier is Joe Biden doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about or what he’s signing. He’s criminally demented cognitively incoherent; mentally and physically disabled. He’s an Obama puppet doing the most stupidest things while Obama is pulling his strings – it’s a clown act side show! —crp


Brazil and the BRICS countries are leading the way to a multi-polar, anti-globalist world order in opposition to The Great Reset/New World Order.

Pray for Brazil & Bolsonaro. 🙏🏻

That, translated into reality, means the Pentagon (CIA)was implicitly the culprit that staged this Nord Stream sabotage. We know whatever the Pentagon (CIA) denies it is factually guilty of. That is a given. —crp

Five Months before his Assassination, President John F. Kennedy issued this executive order that would give the American currency back to the People by printing Money based on a Silver Standard, Taking away the power of the Federal Reserve Banking cartel.

Many argue this is the Reason that JFK was assassinated..

Join Q-Tip

World Wars, as well as myriad regional wars, are orchestrated by the Crown Globalist NWO Geopolitical “think tanks”. World Wars and regional wars don’t just happen generically – they are premeditated and then “orchestrated” over decades and centuries by the Crown Globalist NWO as schematic to reshaping the future world according to the Crown Globalist NWO Agenda for “their” “full spectrum” totalitarian NWO “anticipations”. Now World War Three is “their” final “orchestration” – and for everything now being revealed and known it will be their last. —crp

NATO doesn’t want to become irrelevant just yet! —crp

Elitist Bill Gates represents all the evil hypocrisy that funny money can buy.


List of those who died suddenly. RIP 😞🙏🏻

This “Died Suddenly” Phenomenon is the worst Genocide in human history. I honestly believe that we haven’t seen anything yet, 2023 is going to be insane. The genocide is just getting started.

Total Death of Died suddenly: 166

Follow: @Covid19vaccinevictims

To the All Mighty God of Creation the evil follies of humanity are but a “flash in the pan” of all eternity. Humanity is manifesting self-delusional psychological mind controlling “implants” that are just figments of Satanic (evil principalities) imaginations. The Time of Revelations is well in-progress and it is the Time for The People to Wake Up to Divine Reality. The End Time represents the End of Satan’s evil domain over Earth. This is what we see happening in the world of today. —crp

And so it is! We are in the Time of Revelations – disparate pieces of the End Times are falling into place. The time for “beliefs” is giving way to the forensic facts that are in our face as we speak. It’s Time to Know the Truth – experientially!—crp

A new preprint from NIH and NIAID authors released on the 27th September confirms that spike protein translocates to the nucleus!!! This was denied by every single COVID vaccine (gene therapy) advocate to date. They are guilty of DISINFORMATION!

I knew day one- was told I was scientifically inept for taking up that fight. Same asshats that laughed at me for saying the mRNA will be delivered throughout the entire body- while they laughed saying it remained at injection site.

More importantly this paper totally vindicates Jiang and Mei who were forced to retract their completely correct paper under political pressure from Eric Freed of the very same NIH, the funders of Moderna Inc.

Gooood morning Patriots! Welcome to RED OCTOBER. 

This month we will see:

* Durham v Danchenko trial

* More Trump Mar-A-Lago Raid discoveries.

* Seth Rich back in the news with FOIA requests

* Nord Stream Pipeline sabotage/Ukraine heating up.

* Biden’s Laptop from Hell investigation by Weiss

* Supreme Court Hearing on

Massive election fraud

* Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre goes to trial

More Trump Rallies & more blatant endorsements of Q. 

Gonna be a wild month, frens! Buckle up!!

The Hunters Become The Hunted.

“You know if I fly over a Democratic state, I get a subpoena!” – President Donald J. Trump.

Join the Trump Office Telegram channel

Peter Strzok’s dismissal letter was published today:

“In my 23 years in the FBI, I have not seen a more impactful series of missteps that has called into question the entire organization and more thoroughly damaged the reputation of the organization.”

CNN and MSNBC now pay him to tell you the news.


Gov. DeSantis mentions working with Elon Musk and Starlink to help improve coverage in areas affected by Hurricane Ian.

The Alliance has their system up. Yay! The timeline for the 10 Days of Disclosure is getting closer and closer with the infrastructure in place.


President Trump: “Every freedom-loving American needs to understand the time to stand up to this growing tyranny is RIGHT NOW.

You don’t have time to waste.

If you don’t wanna live under the boot of cruel and vindictive left wing tyrants, then you need to stand with the MAGA – Make America Great Again movement.”

Don’t be part of the silent majority. It’s time to get LOUD! 🇺🇸

Satanist Bill Gates is guilty of massive and ongoing crimes against humanity. This malignant elitist must consider himself some kind of “god man” above the rest of the common people. He must be arrested and put away somewhere where he can no longer continue to harm humanity. —crp

The crazy Kabal wants to send money and troops to fight Russian while allowing US to be invaded by illegal immigrants so they can fight the civillians there. You starting to see the picture what they want?


Putin is obviously playing the “long game” with the Crown Globalist NWO gang – goes way way back into the historic principalities involved in shaping the world we’re living through today! I think that when one takes that “big picture” into consideration one can understand where Putin’s Russia is coming from. —crp

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