Brazil (BRICS+) 2022 (1)

Look: Bolsonaro vows to ‘follow the Constitution’ but DOES NOT concede. Many people in his administration have given signs of beginning the transition, but the president has not.

We know FOR A FACT, that’s not a theory, that Military has audit firms looking into the vote. Internet BUZZ says it will surface in one or two days. THIS IS NOT OVER.



The DS elitist psycho-criminal “impostor government” warns America & other Nations (like Brazil) not to “derail democracy” in their words “our democracy” meaning “their” democratic scam system for controlling election outcomes in myriad premeditated ways. Constitutional America is a Republic that includes democratic principles for developing laws & policies. These DS elitist psycho-criminal “mob” impostor administrations are perverting all Founding Constitutional Principles and Bill of Rights. —crp

The people of Brazil have now taken to the streets, in numbers that seem nearly unfathomable. Think of the Canadian Trucker protest in Ottawa and multiple that by a thousand and you still would not achieve what is happening now in Brazil.

Jair Bolsonaro won in 2018 with 57 million votes, his opponent received 44 million votes. In 2022 we are told Bolsonaro received 58 million votes, but Lula got 60 million?!?!? 17 million ‘new voters’ and nearly all of them going one way…

Sounds reminiscent of the 81 million votes Biden was credited with in 2020 and it should. This was ELECTION THEFT on a massive scale and the people of Brazil know it.

Prayers for the Brazilian people and prayers that this theft will be struck down and the criminals responsible be held accountable.

John Miranda 🙏🇧🇷

Bolsonaro knew that no one would believe a literal criminal with miniscule crowds could defeat him. He allowed it to happen to red pill the nation, but had the military ready and waiting behind the scenes. This provides a narrative precedent for safeguarding future elections. 

Everyone expects a massive red wave, right? Even normies believe this will happen. 

What if the dems cheat even more egregiously than ever before but the military is watching closely just as in Brazil?

What if Brazil is the spoiler alert for the US midterms?

Rumors are circulating that the military will do an audit of Brazil’s elections. 

Remember what Bolsonaro said a week ago that he is confident because the military surrounds him and the armed forces were performing an active and relevant role?

Bolsonaro clearly knew what was going to happen and he prepared accordingly.  

He’s using a Trump-like playbook. 


LAST NIGHT 🇧🇷 Police joined in with pro-Bolsonaro protesters and truck drivers who are slamming the fraudulent election results.


This is all the rage on the Brazilian net:

‘I received the information here, now, that the 4th [voter audit] report will be delivered tomorrow. The tech people asked for another 24 hours to finalize and review the 4 reports.

But the frauds are proven, not only from [second round] but also from the [first round of voting], which is also included in the reports already received.

Bolsonaro will only speak about it with the evidence all constituted, and immediately charged to General Luiz do Supreme Military Tribunal, with a request for annulment of the election for president and indictment of all involved.

It seems that the act will only be a military investigation for ‘crime de lesa pátria’ [High Crimes], provided for in article 357.’


Brazil, October 31, 2022 truck drivers close the country’s main highways in protest of the election results.


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The Duran : Lula wins Brazil elections. Bolsonaro changes the political landscape.

In Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro just got California’d

He won every region of the country except the Northeast, the area notorious for its corruption, crime, and rule by drug traffickers. But with simple majority rules, one populous region is all the left needed.

Brazil is a perfect example of what leftwing Democrats want to institute in America. They have a popular vote and mandatory voting starting at age 16.

Brazil’s convicts and criminal gangs are celebrating the election of corrupt ex-convict leftist Lula da Silva as President of Brazil.

Bolsonaro had expanded the right of law-abiding citizens to own guns, while dropping the murder rate to its lowest level in 15 years.

China is celebrating too. Beijing has already announced that with Lula’s win their relationship can go “to a new level.”

Lula wins in Brazil. Who could have seen that coming? Well, he is a member of the World Economic Forum like pretty much every other major leader on the planet so it’s hardly a surprise is it?

As long as the voting is rigged by the same international principalities that rigged the 2020 US election elections will be rigged and the results fraudulent. Until these international principalities remain un prosecuted and not in jails the voting will be rigged. It’s just common sense. —crp

🚨Whoa. The Biden Admin facilitated the coup in Brazil.

Over the past year, U.S. President Joe Biden has deployed top administration officials to meet with their Brazilian counterparts and convey a simple message to President Jair Bolsonaro: Don’t derail Brazil’s democracy.

Top officials from the White House, Defense Department, State Department, and even the CIA have held meetings and calls with Brazilian officials to try to head off any efforts by Bolsonaro to subvert the results of the country’s heated presidential elections.

“It will be a stress test for Brazil’s democratic institutions and one that we have never had since Brazil transformed to democracy in the 1980s,” said Pedro Abramovay, the Rio de Janeiro-based director of the Latin America program at the Open Society Foundations and a former Brazilian justice ministry official during Lula’s presidency, from 2003 to 2010.

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