The WHO Plan 2022 (1)

A genuine Amnesty requires full disclosure of crimes high crimes and misdemeanors – let’s see the DS Crown Globalist UN WEF WHO CDC NIH and all their authoritarian accessories and accomplices come clean on what they have done and why; otherwise this Amnesty thing is just another sham scam coverup of their ongoing agenda of genocidal crimes against humanity. —crp

It appears that the project is reasonably anticipated to yield a lab-generated monkeypox virus that is 1,000 times more lethal in mice than the monkeypox virus currently circulating in humans and that transmits as efficiently as the monkeypox virus currently circulating in humans,’ the letter reads.


They want us to forget every business shuttered, every student suicide, every grandparent who spent their final hours isolated and alone, and every career and family wrecked by a useless vaxx mandate.

We demand accountability, not amnesty.

It’s more than obvious that impostor Joe Biden DS puppet is criminally demented cognitively incoherent mentally malfunctioning malignantly senile and being operated by DS players in the shadows like the Obama’s and Clinton’s whose infiltrated minions are implementing the DS Crown Globalist UN WEF WHO CDC Agenda for full spectrum control of all human populations. DS puppet Joe Biden is a psycho-political sideshow as a MSDNC MSM Mockingbird public distraction. —crp

WHO to control Health content on YouTube & censor everything disputing Official Narrative so it can manipulate Public Opinion

BREAKING: CESIUM-137 IN THE VAX!! — Todd Callender & Dr. Lee Vliet

Dr. Robert Malone, co-inventor of mRNA tech, explained US/UK intelligence agencies are actively using counter insurgency tactics, phycological warfare & blackmail operations against the organized health freedom movement.

Full video

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The VAX is a genocidal weapon. It’s doing what it is genetically engineered to do. CV19 is just a pretext to mandate the genocidal “jab” for the entire global human population. End of discussion. What more do we need to know at this point? What the White Hats are doing about this genocidal malignancy – that’s what! —crp

Re: CDC Dir “COVID rebound” – It’s a signal = “let the CV22 games begin” – CDC’s gift to The People for the US Mid-Term Elections. —crp

“Our enemy wants to produce as many false flags as possible before midterms and beyond. They are losing the narrative so badly after their failed plandemic attempt and they want to rein in those who still may sit on the fence.. This is not about Republican or Democrat but good vs evil.. Many warriors have woken up to this reality. Do not give the corrupt mainstream media any ammunition and stay frosty. We are all in this together. The wind and waves are hitting us.. Many are exhausted but you know that you have nowhere else to go.. There can be no going back. So I implore you to lift your head up and encourage a patriot today, pray and be peace in every storm we face. The awakening has accelerated. We the anon, are the ones bearing the burden of knowledge.. Do not allow the burden to defeat you. God is with you, Patriot.” —Ultra Pepe Lives Matter

They NEED us dead.

All for the purpose of their NWO.

See, nothing to worry over…they got it ALL planned out.

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