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There are a couple of things that I feel to share at this time, so I felt it was a good time to send out a mailing.

Two days ago, I received an email from someone who wanted to buy a book to share the OT perspective with a spiritual friend and couldn’t tell the difference between the different editions he saw for the Operation Terra material.

In responding to him, I discovered that Amazon in the US is selling the English Keepsake edition for only $34.93 and in the UK, it’s priced at 13.95 GBP.

The Korean hardcover edition is priced at full price in the US, but is priced at 34.99 GBP in the UK.

The Spanish hardcover edition is priced at $45.36 in the US, but appears to be priced to clear out inventories in the UK at 5.59 GBP and at 8.95 Euros in Spain.

These are today’s prices and availability and those are likely to change. As the holidays approach and the lifting proceeds, if you are thinking of giving a hardcover edition to anyone you know or leaving one behind for others to read after you leave, this would be a good opportunity to do that.

The other thing I want to share is my thoughts regarding what I think might lie directly ahead, particularly for the US, but I fully expect whatever happens here to have a ripple effect on every other country in the world.

Tomorrow is the official day for the upcoming midterm elections in the USA. Bolsonaro (who opposed the efforts of the globalists) was just narrowly defeated in a disputed election in Brazil. There are reports that massive election fraud is already taking place here in the USA through mail-in ballots and I can’t remember an election that was so fraught with desperation and/or determination on both sides of the political arena.

The US military is apparently divided between those who support Trump and those who support the current administration (none of whom are legitimate in my opinion, as the 2020 election fraud was never officially addressed). The Hosts have told me that the “white hat” military faction will wait until the ballots are all counted and then they will make their moves, which I estimate will take place around 2-3 weeks from now (probably in early December, but I don’t have any details regarding that).

When I received the original vision in 1982, I witnessed a constant increase in fear and turmoil throughout the entire process of unraveling the social fabric, all the way up to and through the evacuation. There was no repair of the existing systems. There was no one who rode in on a white horse and brought peace.

In re-reading the Messages recently, I was struck by the number of times that the word “wars” (plural) was used. Given what I see just ahead, I don’t see any road to peace because of the number of people who are awakening to how much they have been lied to and the number of people who oppose them because they have accepted those lies as truth. The divisions run deep and are actually symptoms of the purging that the Hosts have told us must take place in order for Earth to become Terra.

In the Message, “The Time of Ingathering,” we are told that by the time those of us who will carry out the evacuation return to do that, “Wars and climate change and economic collapse and tyranny will all have taken their toll, and simple techniques and words will not be enough.” In my opinion, this is the “short list” of all of the things that lie just ahead, and I can see evidence of all of them being in motion right now.

In “The Time of Sorrows,” we are told:

“A time of tyranny will follow this time of sorrows. It will be the response to the losses and the need to institute order and control, which will be yet another loss — a loss of personal freedoms. All systems will be stressed to the maximum possible, and many things will be sacrificed that people have come to take for granted. Many things will be in scarce supply, and to control the fear levels that would result in riots and mass hysteria, more controls will be put in place until everywhere you look around the planet, helmets and guns will be seen. These measures will take place against the backdrop of growing discontent and a kind of unleashing of a wild beast.”

It is my feeling that very soon now, that paragraph will be fulfilled. It is quite possible that martial law may be required to keep order following this coming election, and this war between the globalists and those who oppose them will probably ignite similar conflicts outside of the US, so it’s a good time to withdraw even further from the uproar and seek peace in the midst of it.

It is also my feeling that what the Hosts said in their August 22 and September 23 messages anticipated all of this. My husband and I are both experiencing accelerated clearings and doing those few things that we can do to be “ready to respond to changes, quickly and without hesitation,” as we have been told to do in “Living From the Calm Center.” These are the times that we have been waiting for and now they are here.

In closing, I would like to remind everyone that it is SO important to detach from the drama, withdraw, listen within, and seek inner peace, no matter what else is going on around you. The lifting of the first and second waves is proceeding and everything we have been told to expect will follow. I would also like to remind everyone of what was said in a Private Message that I received on March 23, 2009:

“To begin with, all things are now in motion that will lead to the conclusion of the arc of experience that began when the elohim came together to precipitate this portion of reality out of their beingness. As we have indicated, this conclusion will be complete at the point in time when the first generation of children born onto Terra is mature enough to take over the reins from that point on. When that occurs, those of you who came together those billions of years ago will have completed your contract with one another and with the planet and galaxy as well.

This point in time is still many years into your future. Your children will not be born until the colonization is well-established and running smoothly. All structures and personnel that are needed to be involved in the raising of those children need to be in place and harmonized with everything else that is going on, and that alone is a process of many years. Measured in your present time, we are describing a period extending approximately 150 to 200 years from now, and that is the time horizon we recommend you use as you think about the process you are engaged with right now.

It is understandable that your focus will be on the liftings … and the evacuation itself, but those comprise less than 1% of the time frame we are talking about. …

There are still approximately two centuries left to complete this process.

This is all a process that has been in motion for centuries, and there are still approximately two centuries left to complete this process, so though the immediate future appears to hold some intensity for you, it will be of a passing nature when compared to the remainder of what is left to play out.

We hope these comments will help you to remain in proper relationship between the details and the bigger picture.”

Steady as she goes…

Peace and blessings,

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