Demonic-Rat’s “Democracy” (2)

The National Guard has over 2,200 cybersecurity experts watching our elections right now🚨-is this oversight in conjunction with Space Force that President Trump keeps talking about?

The Dems are cheating, we see it. In Arizona machines are broken, Pennsylvania ran out of paper, states like Connecticut are counting ballots very slooowly. We see you. So does the military. This time they will, God willing, catch them all.

Praying 🙏



NG Election Cyber Security

Until the massive 2020 Election Fraud is “repaired” and those agencies responsible for the 2020 Election Fraud are publicly exposed disclosed prosecuted and sentenced (for obvious Treason against the Republic and the Citizens) massive Election Fraud will continue. These psycho-political criminals represent the NWO International Crime Syndicate which is the direct Enemy of our Constitutional Republic. It’s as simple and complex as that. They are doing it again because this lying MSM and cheating Dominion must be shut down. That confrontation still lies before US. —crp

Zero results are being reported for the state of AZ Ballot drop boxes in PA were discovered to have ballots preloaded inside them the moment they were placed out on the street. Mesa and Phoenix drop boxes are reporting mules dumping ballots right now. They’re driving in bkwards to keep their plates hidden from observers who’ve been ordered by the court to stay 75ft from the box. Trump is warning the public that AZ is being stolen again.–A SOURCE

Calling machines in Texas and Arizona or malfunctioning Voting AZ has 20% of its tallying ability for votes shut down.

Fetterman has stated the tide will turn in Dem favor in the middle of the night.

First time voters in AZ that are registered Rep’s are having their votes removed under a statement by their county voting commissioners that their signatures cannot be verified.

Ann Vandersteel has just put out that in PA the Dominion is giving out sharpees to vote instead of black ink pens so their voting sheets bleed out and will be kicked out. PA voting hours extended after machines run out of paper.

Dems are saying voting tallys could take weeks.

Fetterman sues to have misdated, undated ballots counted.

NJ Dominion programmers descend on counties after voting machine suffer a glitch.

Harris County Main purges entire voting ballots showing a complete zero voted with no one in line. Illinois voting county reports of a cyber attack on their machines.

NJ voting machines are down.

AZ voting machines down.

GA voting machines down.

CO voting machines down. Houston city voting machines down.

NY voting machines down. Wifi out.

MI Reps are being told they already voted at the polls.

PA Dem volunteers are replacing flawed ballots and throwing out Reps.

NYC has a bomb threat that shuts down voting.—FROM A SOURCE

CNN just attempted a Jedi mind trick by telling the sheep to stay off social media.

Trust the officials.

There is no cheating.

There is nothing to see here.

Mindlessly accept what we say.

Just received a flash flood alert for the WSFV (West San Fernando Valley) CA area that I live in – warning people to stay home and not go out – on election eve no less looks like it could be a decoy intended to keep people from going out to vote. With all that’s going on today and at such levels it is a reasonable possibility that this isn’t just a coincidence! —crp

So I guess Bret Baier is now also an election denier and conspiracy theorist for pointing out the obvious?

Never forget that the Left PROUDLY censored and discriminated against those of us who dared to make reasonable observations and propose questions around the security of our elections.

Perfectly valid questions that have been more than justified by the actions seen today in Maricopa County.

The “conspiracy theorists” were right… AGAIN!


Bill Gates says they had printer issues, not machine issues, “it appears some of the printers were not producing dark enough timing marks on the ballots..”

So now they get to count those ballots at 3 AM correct?

20% of voting locations in Maricopa County are experiencing issues.

Katie Hobbs has left Arizona’s election process in shambles.

Stay in line, Arizona!

MICHIGAN: Some voters in Detroit who voted in person were told they had already voted absentee

🔗 Source

It’s funny that the people who claim to be the “protectors of Democracy” can’t even run a simple election.

“The US has ‘the most dirty, stinking, rotten, corrupt electoral system in the Western world.’”

Mark Steyn: Maricopa County was Ground Zero for accusations of election fraud in 2020, so they’ve had a couple of years to get it right, and what do you know? As of now a fifth of machines in Maricopa County are not working…

BREAKING: Election precincts in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania (very red area) are LITERALLY RUNNING OUT OF PAPER

Voter: It’s ridiculous, it’s open til 8pm tonight and they still can’t find any paper?

UPDATE: A court just ruled that the polls in Luzerne County can now remain open until 10 pm so everyone that either left or was turned away due to the lack of paper can come back until then

JUST IN: Pennsylvania Judge allows ballots to count that are received up until November 14th. This is unconstitutional.

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White House ‘closes’ early on election day!

Basement Biden avoids public Election Day appearance, taping radio interview and calling ‘lid’ before noon


The very fact that marxist Demonic-Rats and RINO’s lie and cheat against their sacred oath to The Constitution and The American People defines their Crown Globalist NWO psycho-political MO. It also condemns them to hell as Hell is a “place” where the Criminally Insane go – it’s also a place where they live i.e. a Hell Hole as we can observe by the social conditions of the places where these malignant imposters govern or officiate. —crp

NEW – Maricopa County in Arizona, where Katie Hobbs is in charge of running the election, reports voting machine problems at 20% of polling locations.


REMINDER to bring a blue ballpoint pen with you to vote! These a-holes are STILL giving out sharpies. 😡

ARIZONA 🌵 Maricopa County poll worker says, “Nothing is working in the last half hour.”

Voters are expected to believe this crap? Demonic-Rats lie and deceive about everything – that’s their marxist MO. —crp

Confirmed!! 20% of Maricopa County’s tabulators are not working. 1 out of 5 not being counted.

Why weren’t these checked and verified before today?

2 hour wait minimum at most polling places in Maricopa. Democrats running elections here knew this would happen. Traffic jam by design. DONT LET THEM DO 2020 AGAIN.



Stay calm. Yes many abnormalities are happening. We knew they are going to try stopping us from voting. Not a problem. We knew. All is in place to wake up the remaining sheeple. We need to let things play out. We need to stay calm. We need to stay alert. We KNOW we win but we need to let the White Hats do what they must to expose everything. We have this!!! You have this!!! Everything will be as it should be. Hang tough warriors. We DO win this war. Evil will be eliminated. The future of mankind looks bright because of your efforts and strength. —MaryAnn Chambers

Activist lawyers, including Democratic far left activist Marc Elias, are doing everything they can to stop counties in Arizona from merely hand counting ballots, “something our country has done for 200 years.”

Masked man cheating in front of the cameras on the mainstream media.

You can’t make it up.

Spread to normies.

The Corrupt DOJ is sending people to these locations, the [DS] muscle is going to make sure the election is rigged. States should reject these people. Florida already put out the notice, do not come

Let’s Fix this

Maricopa County yesterday:

“We’re not gonna have election results on election night… The problem is that people out on social media will take the fact that we don’t have final results on election day or early the next day as proof of fraud or allowing that people can start rigging the election…”

CHAIRWOMAN OF THE REPUBLICAN LAWYERS ASSOCIATION: “Arizona voters — please be aware that there are dozens of Republican lawyers monitoring the tabulating situation in Maricopa County…Please do your part and VOTE! We have your back!”

I’m seeing various states like AZ having issues as well. I mean even the lotto machine had issues last night.

Clearly our elections are going to have issues.

The left have to cheat to win and if they do this time big honestly I think Jan 6 might be overshadowed with a much bigger riot probably the one the size of the Brazilian ones if the left screws us all over again.

Stay safe and peaceful folks.

Already getting reports from people that various NC counties have voting machines that are down. Call the Board of Elections. Do NOT let them get away with this! —Peter Boykin

Tabulators down in Temple. Hold the line Texas!

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Blue Logic and now Orchestrating Election Chaos. All demonic-rats & their pet RINOs know how to do is lie to the public media and cheat the system as this is the psycho-political marxist dialectic – inverting factual reality with malignantly calculated lies fabrications and events in order to induce mass cognitive dissonance and chaotic societal conflicts every way that they can so then exploit the social chaos. . This is their malignant DS MO. They are all regurgitating the same CIA instrumented malignant script. —crp


Machines are now down in New Jersey…

“All voting machines are currently down in each district across Mercer County due to a printing and scanning issue with the ballots.

Voters can still report to their respective polling locations and vote on a standard ballot and insert their ballot into the machine.”

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Jen Psaki is attempting to quash a subpoena requiring her to testify in a lawsuit brought by the GOP attorney generals of Missouri and Louisiana alleging the government colluded with tech companies to suppress the First Amendment rights of American

Major issues. Where? If you guessed Maricopa County, AZ, you’d be right. They had years to prepare for this – testing requirements – if you place a ballot in a box and have it shipped off to be manually counted? We all know what happens.


Every single Democrat voted for Biden’s massive spending that caused this runaway inflation.

Every single Democrat voted for 87K new IRS agents to harass Americans.

They opened the border, sexualized schools, gutted our police & military, and weaponized the FBI.

Make them pay.

John Fetterman just hired former Hillary Clinton lawyer and Democrat Deep State operative Marc Elias.

This comes after the PA Supreme Court ruled that mail-in ballots with incorrect dates or no dates should not be counted.

Keep your eyes on this if this thing is close…

HERE WE GO: TIME Writer Says “Election Night Is Going to Take All Week. That’s Democracy at Work”


No one in the impostor Biden admin has any regard for the US Constitution or its Bill of Rights. They are impostors hell bent on destroying the US Constitutional Republic as their mission is an Alien Agenda for the Crown Globalist Totalitarian Control of the World. Arguing Constitutional merits with these demons is pointless. —crp

The Democrats that run Pennsylvania have just stated that Pennsylvania may not have a final Vote Count for MANY days, and yet they use these very expensive “machines,” for SPEED. Go to PAPER BALLOTS, SAME DAY VOTING, MUST HAVE VOTER I.D., PROBLEM SOLVED. Also, big money saved!!! —DJT

Tucker Carlson: How Is YouTube Allowed To Interfere In The Brazil Elections?

“But questioning the election results in Brazil is no longer allowed there, or even here. YouTube has just announced it will censor any posts that raise doubts about the vote total”

“The election is still ongoing. The incumbent has not conceded. How do you know the claims are ‘false?’ Well, of course, you don’t. You’re taking sides. You are using censorship to cement the results in place. This is propaganda. YouTube is interfering in a democratic election in a sovereign nation. How’s that allowed?”

The truth hating demons at YT are attempting to help the Left win the election in Brazil. They are not even trying to hide anymore.

CAUGHT HER Taking Manstriano signs down and bringing them to her car. Illegal as fuck. The bullshit is already beginning in Pennsylvania. —Nino


Catherine and Gregg have been released from prison.

Demonic-Rats don’t think like real people. For starters they are pathological liars and criminals (at heart). So this is the kind of non-sequitur malignancy we must expect from such psycho-political creatures like Elizabeth Warren. —crp

“Woke mind infection” is only a symptom of the MSDNC demonic-rat’s and their pet RINOs problems. How about wall to wall Crimes High Crimes and Treason as well as crimes against The People and Humanity? The whole lot of the Bush Clinton Obama Biden Pelosi Schumer etc. etc. treasonous crime syndicate “mob” that’s “infected” all sectors of government as well MSM & Hollywood along with all sectors of the national economy and American Society at large of which Bill Maher is a part. No more BS Bill! —crp

Listening to the rhetoric, one can envision how things might play out next week.  We end up with many races that are “too close to call” on election night. The vote-counting lasts for days. Deep-state controlled political operatives, instead of urging calm, throw rhetorical fire onto the political powder keg of distrust they’ve spent the … Continue reading “Biden delivers ominous ‘warning’ from his globalist puppet masters: ‘Vote for us or else…’ – Leo Hohmann”

Kamala’s teleprompter script Obama styled psycho-political gobbledygook and doublespeak with premeditated cognitive dissonance, as if one could credit this moron with a coherent thought. —crp

When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals.

Follow: @Covid19vaccinevictims

Joe Biden’s puppet masters didn’t “bungle” the US Economy – they are premeditatedly destroying it by design. There’s no “bungling” involved just high treason. —crp

The problem with criminally demented psychopaths is they think everyone is as stupid and moronic as they are – so their scripted narratives represent what they think of The People and Citizens. Joe Biden is one sick puppet! —crp

Kimberly Zapata, the deputy director of the City of Milwaukee Election Commission has just been fired for committing election fraud by obtaining fake military ballots and sending them to Assembly Elections Committee chairwoman Janel Brandtjen.

But here is the kicker… She was supposedly attempting to point out that military ballots can be requested and sent out without a photo ID or even voter registration through the public MyVote.WI.Gov website.

It seems like she was exposing how easy it is to cheat in the system? Or is that the spin they are putting on it?

—Pepe Lives Matter

Blue Logic = All demonic-rats and their pet RINOs know how to do is lie to the public media as this is the psycho-political marxist dialectic – inverting factual reality with malignantly calculated lies and fabrications in order to induce mass cognitive dissonance and chaotic societal conflicts that they can then exploit. This is their DS MO. They’re all regurgitating the same CIA instrumented malignant script. —crp

Hey Hillary you mean there’s a viral threat to arrest prosecute and jail you and all your traitorous criminally psychopathic clowns – right? —crp

Delay the Election Day vote count for days. That’s so’s Clinton & Obama’s Demonic-Rats can “fix” the vote. You know what its! —crp

DJT comments on Gregg and Catherine: “They spent one year going through tapes, government tapes, all government cameras, going through videos. One year. And they found thousands, tens of thousands of stuffed ballots. They have the tapes. You know what they did? They put em in jail two days ago!

These people are evil and they’re crazy and I don’t think our country’s gonna stand for it.”

Re: WH Resident Impostor Joe Biden in SoCal today: Good God! get this malignant criminally demented cognitively incoherent mentally disabled pathologically lying demon creature out of my backyard post haste – send him to hell where “it” belongs! —crp

Lying psychopath Obama’s malignant NLP mojo not working so good these days….. Not a word of truth passes this demon’s lips….. —crp

Demonic-Rat “New-Speak” Inverted Reality with Psychological Projection of their own malignant mindsets onto their psycho-political opponents. Clinton Obama “Our Demonicrazy” is what it is in their psycho-worldview. —crp

These “impersonators” and “bots” are all over Telegram Channels like a Social Media Disease. Just got to clean them out daily. We are living in a world full of DS malignantly psycho-politicized morons. Just a fact of life today….. —crp

Everyone at the White House Presser was wearing Purple today.

I’ve noticed that Purple has been everywhere for the last couple months.

It is the color of Royalty & in politics Purple thrives at the intersection of Red & Blue.

Basically they are attempting to flex their muscles….you can be Red or you can be Blue but we come together as Purple because we work for the same team.

Same team. Same Stage. Same Clown Show.

[They] are mocking us.

—Nino’s Corner

Joe Biden is a pathologically lying criminally demented cognitively incoherent mentally disabled malignantly moronic obscenity. What more could anyone ask for a DS imposter puppet resident in the WH? This is what the demonic-rats have to offer….. —crp

Biden is now using the Paul Pelosi hammer attack false flag in order to push the January 6th narrative for midterms.

It’s become so painfully obvious what they do to manipulate sheep every single election.

You don’t think that this happened right before this election as a coincidence do you?

There are no coincidences.

—ULTRA Pepe Lives Matter

Trans = Real life demons. All the supposed “myths” are revealing the actual truth. We are currently experiencing a “pandemic of demons” that make up the demonic-rat-ic party! –crp

Malignant marxist demonic-rats doing Nancy’s “Wrap Up Smearing” thing with MSDNC Mockingbirds insidiously “making it all up” as they go forward with their myriad false narratives to manipulate the public mindsets. This is psycho-political “Asymmetric Warfare” also weaponizing the “Obama” criminally infiltrated legal and justice system. Know them for what they say and do! Treason in a nutshell. —crp

As long as the voting is rigged by the same international principalities that rigged the 2020 US election elections will be rigged and the results fraudulent. Until these international principalities remain un prosecuted and not in jails the voting will be rigged. It’s just common sense. —crp

It’s more than obvious that impostor Joe Biden DS puppet is criminally demented cognitively incoherent mentally malfunctioning malignantly senile and being operated by DS players in the shadows like the Obama’s and Clinton’s whose infiltrated minions are implementing the DS Crown Globalist UN WEF WHO CDC Agenda for full spectrum control of all human populations. DS puppet Joe Biden is a psycho-political sideshow as a MSDNC MSM Mockingbird public distraction. —crp

Oh sure! Again! Instigate chaos with cognitive dissonance so you have a cloud of confusion within which you can cheat as nobody will know what you are actually doing. Nice plan! This is the Demonic-Rat’s MO. Cheat The People without them knowing; and get away with it. Nice, real, nice! —crp

All these prominent DS elitist psycho-criminal “mob” styled political impostors feel that they are entitled to and protected by their “above the law” status that ooozes into the public mind the idea that no one, especially law abiding citizens and patriotic judges, can touch them – ever! Just as we see them all still strutting around continuously committing their everyday high treason – they consider themselves untouchable and immune to Constitutional common sense justice.


Hillary Clinton The DS Queen of Psycho-Criminals shouts and rages the loudest in accusations! —crp

The DS elitist psycho-criminal “impostor government” warns America and other Nations (like Brazil) not to “derail democracy” in their words “our democracy” which means in other words their democratic scam system where they control the election outcomes in myriad premeditated ways. Constitutional America is a Republic that includes democratic (not the MSDNC demonic-rat’s party) principles for developing governmental laws and policies. This DS elitist psycho-criminal mob impostor administrations have perverted every Constitutional basis to cater to their treasonous MOs. —crp

The DS elitist psycho-criminal “impostor government” warns America & other Nations (like Brazil) not to “derail democracy” in their words “our democracy” meaning “their” democratic scam system for controlling election outcomes in myriad premeditated ways. Constitutional America is a Republic that includes democratic principles for developing laws & policies. These DS elitist psycho-criminal “mob” impostor administrations are perverting all Founding Constitutional Principles and Bill of Rights. —crp

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