Blue Logic 2022 (2)

The premeditated election / voter fraud – the experiential evidence is overwhelming. Obviously! I mean it’s so obvious “officialdom” must be living in some malignant Twilight Zone literally. It’s an utter insult to human common sense dignity and integrity. These election players represent the real criminals in this nation and on this planet! And, it seems they’re all getting their briefings and MO’s from a common source. —crp

This is the way demonic-rats think. They went to the Clinton Obama Chicago School of marxist Psycho-Politics. This the way they think. They are technically criminally insane. Psychotic. They need some form of spiritual rehabilitation. Shouldn’t hold any public office. —crp

The steal in full on in AZ, CO, GA, & PA. We got word last night that all the machines were down and they were telling voters to go to other locations. The Election Day turn out was 4-1 Republican

Re: AZ DS Election Fraud. Hey, the DS only had to cheat Kari Lake by 32,000 fraudulent votes – piece of cake! Katie Hobbs is obviously a loser and there is no way she got the votes. —crp

Until the massive 2020 Election Fraud is “repaired” and those agencies responsible for the 2020 Election Fraud are publicly exposed disclosed prosecuted and sentenced (for obvious Treason against the Republic and the Citizens) massive Election Fraud will continue. These psycho-political criminals represent the NWO International Crime Syndicate which is the direct Enemy of our Constitutional Republic. It’s as simple and complex as that. They are doing it again because this lying MSM and cheating Dominion must be shut down. That confrontation still lies before US. —crp

Blue Logic and now Orchestrating Election Chaos. All demonic-rats & their pet RINOs know how to do is lie to the public media and cheat the system as this is the psycho-political marxist dialectic – inverting factual reality with malignantly calculated lies fabrications and events in order to induce mass cognitive dissonance and chaotic societal conflicts every way that they can so then exploit the social chaos. . This is their malignant DS MO. They are all regurgitating the same CIA instrumented malignant script. —crp

Maricopa County yesterday:

“We’re not gonna have election results on election night… The problem is that people out on social media will take the fact that we don’t have final results on election day or early the next day as proof of fraud or allowing that people can start rigging the election…”

CHAIRWOMAN OF THE REPUBLICAN LAWYERS ASSOCIATION: “Arizona voters — please be aware that there are dozens of Republican lawyers monitoring the tabulating situation in Maricopa County…Please do your part and VOTE! We have your back!”

I’m seeing various states like AZ having issues as well. I mean even the lotto machine had issues last night.

Clearly our elections are going to have issues.

The left have to cheat to win and if they do this time big honestly I think Jan 6 might be overshadowed with a much bigger riot probably the one the size of the Brazilian ones if the left screws us all over again.

Stay safe and peaceful folks.

Already getting reports from people that various NC counties have voting machines that are down. Call the Board of Elections. Do NOT let them get away with this! —Peter Boykin

Tabulators down in Temple. Hold the line Texas!

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