The Deep State Defined (1)

If you don’t know what the DEEP STATE is all about – then it can be described in the following way:- They are a global network of royals, financiers, secret societies, witch covens and sex cults who are interested in G.O.D – that is; Gold, Opium & Diamonds – or you could say Gold, Oil and Drugs… That’s how they have made their money.

But that’s just the start – they then used money to create principalities – and with these self-awarded royal titles they bought every politician, assassinated those that disagreed and started PRINTING THEIR OWN MONEY – and they can print as much of it as they like…

The printed fiat funny money retains it’s value because they TAX PEOPLE TO THE HILT and have sadistic fun watching billions of people crawling in the dirt to make a dollar. They are occultists, evil, and have no mercy. Many are royals & aristocrats. Some are technologists and they use Genetics as Eugenics… But there is so much more… They are in psychic contact with mysterious entities – and have been for a 100 years… This is not a joke. This is NOT a ‘Conspiracy Theory’…

Enjoy my latest book – it reveals hidden links between people who history tries to kid you are not related at all…

— Chris Everard

The Shadow State | Epoch Original Documentary exclusively on Epoch TV

ESG stands for Environmental Social Governance. You may think this is some fancy corporate program that doesn’t concern you, but you’re wrong. ESG is all around you, and it is quickly taking your freedoms away.

Featuring interviews with insiders, corporate leaders, and industry analysts, The Epoch Times’ new documentary The Shadow State reveals what ESG is, how the industry works, what its goals are, and how it will change our lives.

— Epoch Times

Dr. Zelenko from back on May 9th:

Top two goals of 2030 UN and WEF agenda

America will not be a superpower

A few countries will govern globally

2030 agenda is an open declaration of War on America and other democracies

Our enemies, both foreign and domestic, meet openly at UN in NY and Davos

Most WEF leadership school graduates should be considered guilty of treason in their respective countries

This is an escalation of WWW 3.

We will see an acceleration of geopolitical destabilization:

Further pandemics:

Covid, flu, Marburg, Ebola, small pox

Conventional wars and/or a low grade tactical nuclear exchange

Global cryptocurrency

24/7 surveillance

Further erosion of civil liberties

Increased censorship


Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD


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