The REAL NAZIs 2022 (1)

Well all that means is Kanye loves Klaus Schwab and the entire WEF crowd and George Soros affiliates . These are REAL NAZIs with long laid and in-progress plans to take over the entire world with their NAZI Totalitarian Agenda. —crp

Since genocidal “depopulation” and a WHO World Wide Medical Tyranny to exert full spectrum control of the world populations is Herr Dr. Fauci’s MO. Not a matter of “responsibility” but a matter of an agenda of premeditated mass murder – where the only accidental cause is getting caught and exposed for his diabolical plan. —crp

Crown Globalist NWO “Deep State” = “NAZIs 2020”. It’s just an continuation of 1932. World Wars are engineered psycho-geo-political ops. As in the NAZI concentration camps this medical genetic experimentation goes on with new targeted “victim” races. It’s so obvious that this is true! Russian Royal Family Bloodline is their target for centuries; also Black Africans have been their “lab rats”; and now it’s reached a “climatic point” in history; they are now targeting Conservative American Peoples. —crp

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