Today’s Truth (1)

Sounds good when you say it. The Joe Biden Team represents an Agenda that has no ethical or moral standing – whatever it takes to achieve their Agenda. Prosecuting these criminal psychopaths is paradoxical because they do what they do (for their Agenda) regardless or any moral ethical or constitutional preambles. This is just the nature of their evil. —crp

There is however a khazarian mafia masquerading as jewish going around accusing others of antisemitism when in fact they are anything but semitic. Psycho-criminals to their very core! —crp

Re: J6. It was Nancy Pelosi’s attack on The People with complicit Capital Police and FBI planted operatives and agent provocateurs and with a complicit congress of J6 demonic-rat and rino “lawyers” – all of whom are guilty of treason and high crimes. —crp

“Demon-Speak” is coming out of the woodwork – with the obscene twisting and contorting distortions of the language and common sense. Sign of the Times! —crp

Mainstream Mass WHO mind control – like this psychological op is going way beyond the twilight zone with its orchestration of WHO symbols being seen commercially everywhere around the planet now – as if it’s all just a matter of fact when in fact it’s all a colossal lie. Unfortunately the majority of the people are buying it. —crp

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