Joe Biden’s Mental State (4)

Well of course the Demonic-Rats (and RINOs) with Nancy’s J6 Op that set the obscene standard of imprisoning (political prisoners) aka entrapment of “Peaceful Patriots” and without serving their legal rights with due process – now justifying addressing DJT with in a similar manner. We are dealing with an enemy that doesn’t recognize the US Constitution or Bill of Rights as representing the legal standing in any case – despite these demonic traitors betraying their oath of office. —crp

Dr. Zelenko on March 21st, 2022:

“The demented puppet in the White House is a threat to all humanity”


The 2020 (and 2022) election was so rigged and stolen that is plain for everyone to now see. As an American citizen, I want a full and complete investigation done immediately. If people committed crimes, especially of sedition or worse, treason, they must be held to account. —Gen Flynn

“You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you, so even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he’s [Trump] being really dumb to do this,” Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) #FBI #DOJ #CORRUPTION disband FBI now!

Biden’s Non binary nuclear waste official Sam Brinton fired after stealing luggage.

You can’t make this stuff up.

It’s almost like they are trying to red pill people on purpose.

That’s a good one “divorced from reality….” oh yeah. Divorced from who’s “reality” specifically one might ask? This utterly ignorant “Biden” press creature represents everything that’s divorced from reality – that is – Logical Reality, Common Sense Reality, Constitutional Reality, Scientific Reality, Analytic Reality, and “Real Reality” with a capital R! —crp

Evidence indicates Biden Admin prioritized WNBA’s Griner over Marine Paul Whelan, despite claiming otherwise. Stealth edited report and commentary from Marine’s family and attorney indicates that Russia offered both as an option.

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“The timing of the release of the Hunter Biden laptop report was impeccable. You could use the report by Marco Polo to research people who were running in the midterms. Friends linked to Maricopa told me before the results came that the primary reason for the steal was to hinder investigations into Biden, which makes sense because we can do a lot with the majority in the House.”

Watch my portion of today’s MG Show here:

Rule of thumb: if it is anything demonicratic or rino mob it stinks with fraud. Seek and ye shall find it! —crp

This “DS” PsyOp has been going on for centuries. This cast of criminal psychopathic malignant traitors (Bush Clinton Obama Biden & Company) is just the “Now Generation” in current events. As for Trump? It can also be well imagined! —crp

Apparently Western-style “democracy” is less than 10 agitators pushing a foreign-sponsored agenda on 70 million other people…

The Biden crime family is tied to human trafficking, money laundering, sedition and fraud

They’re going down

I’m yelling timber-



The FTX collapse is what happens when people value libtardism, wokeism, social justice and virtue signaling over rationality, accountability, risk analysis and common sense. What SBF did to FTX, Joe Biden and the Democrats are attempting to do to the entire ECONOMY… turn it into a wokefest of idiocy and collapse. —The Health Ranger

This is the way demonic-rats think. They went to the Clinton Obama Chicago School of marxist Psycho-Politics. This the way they think. They are technically criminally insane. Psychotic. They need some form of spiritual rehabilitation. Shouldn’t hold any public office. —crp

All the Crown Globalist NWO Agendas as publicly reiterated are psycho-geopolitical ploys to take over all the sovereign governments and peoples of the world. They fabricate a promotional “crisis” as a global threat for which all the nations of the world assume subservience to a “cosmic cause” (Act of God) and with the Crown Globalist NWO “solutions” for their fabricated “crisis” as this agency infiltrates all the governmental powers to enforce they Totalitarian control over the whole world. This is what is now happening. —crp

The Joe Biden Syndrome = Malignant Delusional Criminal Dementia anyone? —crp

Joe Biden is a lie. And lying is all he knows. Joe Biden accusing others of lying, when lying is all Joe Biden does, is malignantly ridiculous. —crp

Listening to the rhetoric, one can envision how things might play out next week.  We end up with many races that are “too close to call” on election night. The vote-counting lasts for days. Deep-state controlled political operatives, instead of urging calm, throw rhetorical fire onto the political powder keg of distrust they’ve spent the … Continue reading “Biden delivers ominous ‘warning’ from his globalist puppet masters: ‘Vote for us or else…’ – Leo Hohmann”

Joe Biden’s puppet masters didn’t “bungle” the US Economy – they are premeditatedly destroying it by design. There’s no “bungling” involved just high treason. —crp

The problem with criminally demented psychopaths is they think everyone is as stupid and moronic as they are – so their scripted narratives represent what they think of The People and Citizens. Joe Biden is one sick puppet! —crp

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