The Idea Is

The idea (meditation) is “to be” just as you are. The Divine Nature of Being is God’s omnipresence. “As you are” then confronts the true nature of your present time / present moment reality just as it is. Of course this is a seemingly absurd consideration for those who are living within horrifically desperate conditional circumstances. This meditation is for those who realize the value of meditation after present time existential problems are reconciled through the knowledge of meditation practice as it allows for it.

I must differentiate between one’s true state of being versus one’s self deluded states of being according to oneself.

Let go and let God comes to mind.

God is Truth – as the Divine Principle of Truth – just as it is. God is omniscience and all that can be known.

The Ego is a psychological phantom self that compels a trancelike state of being that considers itself to be the preeminent creator of itself. One might consider the ego to be the source of one’s self delusions.

God is omnipotence upon which any quality of power to be or to create – is derived.

The idea then is to be just as you are as well as tending, as necessary, to the intimate relativity of your living circumstances – regardless of what your sources (past present future even memories) of information from around the world are telling you. Your control over remote sources of information is limited to receiving or not receiving; and understanding it with a corresponding emotional reaction.

God is Divine Love and Wisdom.

God is Life.

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