Zelensky 2022

There’s a multitude of “Dark Web” players interested with and involved with Zelensky and the 5GW war games playing out in Ukraine. With the US Senate passing the 1.7 Trillion Dollar USA Inc. Mega Lottery – there’s a whole lot of interested partners (criminals and traitors) expecting their commissions, kickbacks and payoffs from with-in between the lines of this 4000 page financial irregularity. Every member of Congress signing off on this is criminally complicit to the level of high treason. —cr

To sum up what happened yesterday:

The uniparty swamp showed the world who they truly are by parading around a man who is helping politicians line their pockets with blood money, who is in bed with Neo nazis, and who is attempting to push us towards World War 3.

You’d be hard pressed to find a more potent display of their true character than this.

It’s like you’re watching a movie designed to wake up and activate the sleeping masses but that’s just me.

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