AG Merrick Garland Disease (2)



Now that the world can finally see that it was in fact the [CIA] that assassinated President John F Kennedy with attempts to perform a coup on a sitting President, I think we can put the programming term “conspiracy theory” to rest. The veil has been forever lifted on the Country and world.

So this happened and almost no one in media is talking about it. @UncoverDC

Here’s some of the damning evidence that was introduced in AZ during the Kari Lake trial:

Bombshells dropped during Kari Lake’s trial, revealing how corrupt Arizona elections actually were

The judge is complicit with the crimes and treason. Just passing the buck. The overwhelming evidence is clear enough to any reasonable moron. Some DS “OGA” made him an offer he couldn’t refuse! That much is certain. —crp

Net worth before running for President:

Trump- $4.5 billion

Obama’s – $3 million

Clinton’s – $480,000


Trump- $3.2 billion

Obama’s – $70 million

Clinton’s – $120 million

Yet the media wants you to care about Trump’s tax returns?!

Marc Elias is a criminal who perverts the law in favor of criminals and supports treasonous characters – Marc Elias is complicit with high crimes treason against the American People and their Constitutional Republic. It’s time all of these treasonous criminals to be arrested prosecuted and sentenced for their endless list of crimes high crimes and treason. —crp

There’s a multitude of “Dark Web” players interested with and involved with Zelensky and the 5GW war games playing out in Ukraine. With the US Senate passing the 1.7 Trillion Dollar USA Inc. Mega Lottery – there’s a whole lot of interested partners (criminals and traitors) expecting their commissions, kickbacks and payoffs from with-in between the lines of this 4000 page financial irregularity. Every member of Congress signing off on this is criminally complicit to the level of high treason. —crp

It becomes clear after the UFO Disclosure “official story” cover up that the CIA FBI MSM “official story” (lies) – that FBI “investigations” are to discover all the forensic evidence and all the witnesses that expose and debunk their “official story” and to sequester (censor) that evidence (“just the facts”) and get rid of these witnesses (eliminate) this is their MO. Their “official story” is the big lie – exemplified by the JFK deep state CIA FBI assassination “Warren Commission Report” and the “9/11 Commission Report” along with all the other objects of their Orwellian styled manufactured MSM propaganda and mass mind control. This is the malignant fantasy world (Matrix) we are living in. —crp

The spending bill includes $410 million “for enhanced border security” in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Oman.

Meanwhile America’s border is wide open with over 2 million illegal aliens entering each year.

Sure that’s right. The FBI is a criminal psycho-political Agency and is doing just fine discrediting itself. Misinforming the American public is the FBI’s stock and trade. We expect the FBI to project their treasonous conspiracies onto anyone who would expose them. There is no question about this! —crp

Swampy Omnibus Bill Includes:

• $45B for Ukraine

• $3.6M for a Michelle Obama Trail in Georgia

• $3M for LGBTQ+ Museum in New York City

• $2M for “Great Blacks in Wax” Baltimore museum

• $1.2M for LGBTQIA+ Pride Centers

• $1.2M for services for DACA recipients

• $477K for the Equity Institute in RI

Well of course the Demonic-Rats (and RINOs) with Nancy’s J6 Op that set the obscene standard of imprisoning (political prisoners) aka entrapment of “Peaceful Patriots” and without serving their legal rights with due process – now justifying addressing DJT with in a similar manner. We are dealing with an enemy that doesn’t recognize the US Constitution or Bill of Rights as representing the legal standing in any case – despite these demonic traitors betraying their oath of office. —crp

Senate GOP is poised to pass a $2 trillion Omnibus which includes:

– $45 billion to Ukraine

– $7.5 million in LGBTQ programs

– J6 prosecution funding

– 7500 special interest earmarks

– 3000 pages

– No border security

Who needs Democrats when you have Republicans like these?

Psycho-Criminal Demonic-Rats (and RINOs) = Serial Liars = Psycho-Politics = Marxism (by design) = Premeditated Deconstruction with an ever incrementally creeping social and political Destruction of Constitutional Sovereign Nations. Lying to The People is their art of Psycho-Political Science; and Lying to The People is also the very definition of Treason! —crp

The Bogus J6 Committee has no standing. They are doing Drunken Nancy’s “wrap up smearing” thing – putting all their “projected” bogus claims into the MSDNC controlled MSM and Social Media to feed their public’s delusions of their criminally inverted reality —crp

The 2020 (and 2022) election was so rigged and stolen that is plain for everyone to now see. As an American citizen, I want a full and complete investigation done immediately. If people committed crimes, especially of sedition or worse, treason, they must be held to account. —Gen Flynn

New from John Solomon:

Back in November 2017 –

The DOJ used grand jury subpoenas against Republican House Intelligence committee investigators (including Kash Patel) who were looking into FBI/DOJ Russiagate abuses.

These would have been approved by Rod Rosenstein.

The subpoena against Nunes investigators would likely have been issued under the guise of a leak investigation.

The benefit to the DOJ and FBI would be that this allows all communications, including those with Nunes and other Republicans (including Trump WH), to be swept up.

The investigators turned their resources against those who were exercising their oversight powers. Third world stuff.

The J6 Committee Principals are guilty of everything they are projecting on DJT. Exactly and so much more! With the J6 Committee we are looking at its calculating cold blooded psychopathic treason. The J6 Committee has nothing but criminal contempt for the American People. —crp

The January 6 Committee voted unanimously to refer to the DOJ the following charges against President Trump:

1) Conspiracy to defraud the United States

2) Conspiracy to make a false statement

3) Obstruction of an official proceeding

4) Providing aid, support or comfort to an insurrection.

Yet it is the J6 Committee Principals that actually and factually committed:

1) Conspiracy to defraud the United States

2) Conspiracy to make a false statement

3) Obstruction of an official proceeding

4) Providing aid, support or comfort to an insurrection.

Imagine that! Demonic-Rats total “inversion” of reality demonstrating utter contempt for the American People —crp

Re: J6. It was Nancy Pelosi’s attack on The People with complicit Capital Police and FBI planted operatives and agent provocateurs and with a complicit congress of J6 demonic-rat and rino “lawyers” – all of whom are guilty of treason and high crimes. —crp

“What was the FBI doing planning January 6th for a year?” – Kash Patel

Kari Lake’s attorney is dropping red pills:

“This case is also about a secret censorship operation set up by the government that would make Orwell blush. You have the federal government creating an election misinformation reporting portal specifically for state and local election officials which ties them directly with social media companies like Twitter and Facebook and allows the election officials to immediately flag and take down information to censor people that they find objectionable. This is a secret operation. This is an affront to the first amendment. There is evidence in the record that these officials, such as Stephen Richer, were participating in it during the campaign.”

Adam Schitt is a compulsive pathological liar. That’s his claim to fame and personal wealth. Lying to the people is a psycho-political art. Lying to the people is Treason. —crp

With the information released from the Twitter Files, the DOJ should already be preparing to prosecute people who formerly worked at Twitter for election interference, 1st amendment violations of speech & press, and child pornography, but the DOJ is nothing but a political arm of the Dem party and is now weaponized against the right.

The DOJ is no longer trusted to fairly uphold and enforce our constitution, laws, and justice system because of their far left political bias.

Republicans must use budget/approps to gut & restore the DOJ.


There are real major crimes being committed – crimes and treason with overwhelming evidence and the preponderance of common sense that the SC and DOJ refuses to consider – ongoing administrative and political crimes and treason that will inevitably destroy the American Constitution and Way of Life. Roe v Wade is a circus act in place of the most critical existential issues before the courts. —crp

Well it’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do something to depopulate the world right? We know they are all criminal psychopaths and traitors problem is the DOJ is also infiltrated with complicit criminal psycho-political agents so then who’s going to take these monsters to court prosecute and deliver some legal justice? This is the question. —crp

The demonic-rats (and rinos) cheat and cheat until they “win”. They are getting away with it all over the place with no respectable agency to shut these psycho-political-criminals down. There must be an ultimate “unprecedented” solution if there’s to be any real solution at all. —crp

The demonic-rat and rino MSM “Fake News” diversions are insidiously premeditated contortions of the facts in any fraudulent statements that these criminally treasonous marxist psycho-political malignants make intended to skew the public mindsets with scripted bias and cognitive dissonance. Social chaos is their stock and trade. —crp

These demonic-rats (w/ their pet rinos) are all “subordinated” traitors & criminals who “psycho-politically” accuse others of their own malignant crimes (such as orchestrating election fraud & stealing from the people) in order to demonize their opponents & deflect public attention away from themselves; so they can covertly serve their real master’s evil enemy interests. They put on a “victim face” for the mainstream mass media to characterize with deceptive scripts. These miscreant creatures hold nothing but contempt for the people. —crp

AG Garland is a criminal obscenity. Anyone with half a brain and some common sense can see this. Yet – there he is doing all his treasonous malignant Obama styled sh-t and getting away with it along with a demonic host of “others”. And the news just keeps regurgitating the same old sh-t. There’s nothing but uncertainty in the air. That hasn’t changed.


Rule of thumb: if it is anything demonicratic or rino mob it stinks with fraud. Seek and ye shall find it! —crp

I joined @CharlieKirk today to discuss the voter disenfranchisement that occurred at the hands of Maricopa County officials this election.

What they have done is evil. It is vindictive. And according to the Attorney General it is illegal.

The AG’s office has outlined a litany of allegedly illegal violations of Arizona election law.

This election must not be certified until an exhaustive investigation and complete adjudication of the issues has been permitted to occur.



And don’t forget Alexandra Pelosi, the daughter. Was she coordinating the J6 patriot entrapment from within? Would love to see her phone records texts emails and any other apps or form of communication has between her and her husband Mikhiel Bos Ray Epps and John Sullivan and their teams! 👇🏽

According to this great Patriot, @IvanRaiklin these are the people that need to get subpoena and take the stand for any J6 case and answer some questions about what really happened on J6. If we are being accused by the U.S. Government we have the right under the Sixth Amendment be confronted with the witnesses against us in trial.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser

DC Metro Police Chief Conte

MPD 1st District Captain

106 PSA Lead Officer and all officers on duty on J5-J6

102 PSA Lead Officer and all Officers on duty on J5-J6

MPD Officer Lila Morris

US Capitol Police Chief Sund

Senate Sergeant at Arms Michael Stenger

House sergeant at arms Paul Irving

US Capitol Architect

Michael Byrd

Nancy Pelosi

Mitch McConnell

Mike Pence

Mike Pence Secret Service detail

RNC Security on duty J5-J6

DNC Security on duty J5-J6

Kamala Harris

Kamal Harris Secret Service Security Detail with her on J5-J6

John Sullivan (Inner Breach Team leader?)

Ray Epps (Outer Breach team leader?)

Mikhiel Vos (Pelosi Son in Law)

FBI employees involved in the investigation up to and including the Director

Secret Service Agents involved in the investigation up to and including the Administrator

chain of custody of the DNC pipe bomb footage to USCP and Secret Service and FBI. 🧐

So when do we get the special counsel into the illegal Dobbs leak, Fauci lying about the origins of COVID, Peter Daszak funding gain of function research, FTX laundering money to Democrats, Pelosi’s insider trading, or Biden selling us out to the Chinese? —Charlie Kirk

Mike Lindell on Arizona. He is right about the Demonrats not being able to certify this election. They are certifying their own deaths. Lol 😂

Oh I love watching this sting operation unravel as the Left digs themselves a bigger hole. Everything was caught on video on how the theft took place. No judge is going allow this election to be certified. If they do, then they are in on it. Checkmate. This is what you call 5D chess.

We’ve been lied to about EVERYTHING.

No more.

They can’t stop it.

Monday. 5 PM ET.

The Biden crime family is tied to human trafficking, money laundering, sedition and fraud

They’re going down

I’m yelling timber-



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