Biden’s Classified Demise (1)

A thorough forensic investigation of Joe Biden’s “Classified Documents” fiasco would publicly reveal shocking details of the treasonous criminal complicities of most members of Congress and the retainers of the Obama administration; and on the trail of Hunter Biden’s dealings with UK Nato WEF Ukraine and the CCP to resource some examples. It’s all “contained” within these current proceedings. Question is how all this is going to play out? Turn off your TVs and watch the real deal! —crp

Re: Demonic-Rat’s (& Rino’s) Treasonous criminally demented impostor “resident” Joe Biden (in the WH) & his “Classified Documents” team means Demonic-rats (xNancy’s House) attorneys are “containing” their “Special Council’s” investigation in order to control a defensive narrative of this issue. They’ve known about these documents since Joe was VP under the Obama administration bc “they” are complicit with what was actually going on with these documents behind the scenes. We must watch this intrigue playing out with the necessary wisdom. —crp

One would most probably find scores of Biden Era classified docs in China UK Ukraine and with the WEF and complicit elsewheres. Trust “investigators” will pull these strings down. —crp

Criminal Traitor Joe Biden Exposed 2023


Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy providing top cover for the CCP Ambassador to the US?

The narrative is being set.

Democrat Hank Johnson suggesting that Republicans planted these documents.

I can’t wait for the next hearing when they drag a “witness” in and say Trump drove to Delaware in a black hood, unlocked the garage and planted evidence. Just like he took out his entire Secret Service detail on Jan. 6th. 🥴

@WokeSocieties 🇺🇸

President Trump on the Biden classified documents: “I think you’re gonna find a lot more because in Delaware, I understand, they have a tremendous stash of documents, and I’m sure when you look at that you’re gonna find documents that you didn’t even believe….”

Seems like Trump is hinting that we can expect a lot more to come from this scandal. — Kennedy TV / Mark Levin

D-Rep Hank Johnson suggests Trump “agents” planted all those classified docs in Biden Joe’s places. Sure Hank! True to form demonic-rat projection routine. Plant the suggestion (Obama Styled NLP) into the public mind like with “The View” and apply Nancy’s “Wrap up Smearing” thing psycho-tech to close the deal with the MSDNC MSM. Now we’ll see if the public buys it this time! Your a loser this time Hank. Your true colors are showing! —crp

Joe “can’t remember” and “doesn’t know”. Perhaps that’s because criminally demented Joe Biden didn’t put them there; and even so it’s obvious he’s too cognitively disabled to even know what these documents are about. Maybe he can find an administrative scapegoat? —crp

This is the narrative- It was just a really, really weird time for everyone’: Biden staffers packing up files in his office were worried about TRUMP’S arrival, new report claims after aides were interviewed in the classified documents case

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KT MCFARLAND: China paid for the Biden Penn Center where all these highly classified documents were stored. Did the Chinese government have access to them? The Chinese paid the salaries of all the staff, people who immediately went into the Biden administration at the highest levels [SoS Blinken, NSC Jake Sullivan]

Joe Biden stole classified documents and stashed them in his phony think tank funded by $54 million in blood money from Communist China.

This a serious investigation.

And the communist operatives populating the Deep State can’t hide it anymore.

Biden and his crooked Attorney General Merrick Garland ransacked President Trump’s home over a phony document dispute.

But it turns out Joe Biden is guilty of every crime he falsely accused Donald Trump of committing.

I discussed the Biden crime family with Tucker Carlson.

Please take a few moments to watch the interview.

With Republicans taking power in the House of Representatives, I need your help to defend President Trump.



Where were Biden’s classified documents? In his garage. Next to the Corvette.

Biden is undoubtedly a suspect in this potential crime – but don’t expect his DOJ to treat him as such.

NOW – Biden: “My Corvette is in a locked garage, OK?”

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The third set of classified docs were found in Biden’s freaking GARAGE

HUCKABEE: Communist China was ‘shelling out millions’ to Biden Penn Center where classified documents were found

JOHN RATCLIFFE: The documents Trump took were under the purview of Secret Service, and were taken under the Presidential Records Act… None of that applies to Vice President Joe Biden and what we’re finding out is classified documents he had no authority to take, are now being found in multiple locations.

“A Special Counsel appointment in this situation is no longer debatable, it is required.”


Biden’s classified documents were found in his garage – and in a room in his home. 👀

These would have been taken there during the 2017 transition.


Key facts:

⚠️ Penn rakes in tens of millions of $$$ from China

⚠️ Over 160 Penn faculty DEMAND Merrick Garland SHUT DOWN the FBI’s China counterespionage program

⚠️ Garland shuts it down just two weeks later

(BTW, VPs can’t declassify docs)


Biden’s response: “daw um ah gee c’mon man! I don’t know how those classified documents got there……” and there, and there, and there. Dementia will be his criminal defense wait and see….. —crp

Remember when Scavino hinted that Mar-A-Lago would be raided three days before it actually happened.

Someone explain that to me like I’m five.

Now Trump has the optics to dismantle the FBI and former Presidents can be exposed cause they did it to Trump after all…

How many boomerangs are scheduled to swing back around in our favor?

Who is writing this script?

Trump was “chosen” for this role. Of course he knows bc it shows in every move he makes. I’ll bank on the morality of the moment! The MSDNC MSM Fake News is revolting (sick) yet it’s still the mainstream diet for daily mind control and brainwashing by the DS. Such a twisted tangle to be untangled with real news information and justice. Pending….. —crp

Just asking is right!

BREAKING: Classified documents from Joe Biden’s VP Office at UPENN and were discovered at a DC Think Tank just days before the Midterm elections, by his personal attorneys. National Archives seized the documents and AG Garland now has appointed a U.S. Attorney to investigate

TUCKER: Joe Biden caught hoarding classified documents at DC Think Tank Office… after every person connected to him said Trump could never run for office again and would need to go to jail for also having classified documents

Why was Joe Biden in possession of classified information after leaving office as Vice President?

This is serious and must be investigated.


The Biden docs covered the time period of the Maidan coup in Ukraine…

BREAKING: Biden kept classified docs related to Ukraine, Iran, UK from 2013-2016: report

CNN reports that Joe Biden’s stash of documents at the University of Pennsylvania included classified materials relating to Iran, the UK and Ukraine. The Ukraine documents range from 2013 to 2016, during Biden’s time as vice president. Biden bragged about blackmailing Ukraine in March 2016 when he threatened to withhold a billion dollars in aid unless the nation fired a prosecutor who was looking into Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company with Hunter Biden on the board of directors. An e-mail on Hunter’s laptop shows that he introduced his dad to a top Burisma executive in 2015, even though Biden has repeatedly claimed he knew nothing about his son’s business dealings overseas. Why is all of this information coming out now?

Biden Surprised That Classified Documents Were Found In His Office

Joe “can’t remember” and “doesn’t know”. Perhaps that’s because criminally demented Joe Biden didn’t put them there; and even so it’s obvious he’s too cognitively disabled to even know what these documents are about. Maybe he can find an administrative scapegoat? —crp

GARRETT VENTRY: The difference here is President Trump clearly had the ability to declassify documents, then Vice President [Biden] does not have that ability… There were documents related to Ukraine, where Biden family members were on Ukrainian oligarch’s payrolls. These documents were found on November 2 days before the Midterm election, we didn’t find out about it until 60 days later…

Jason Chaffetz: “Donald Trump can actually declassify things, Joe Biden was the VP can’t declassify things. And why aren’t they raiding the Penn Center?! That’s the double standard.”

Harris Faulkner: “When they went after Trump, it was epic!”

Chaffetz: “It’s purely political. President Trump’s residence is protected by the United States Secret Service…they didn’t need to go in guns a-blazing!”


Reporter: “Did you mishandle classified documents?”

Joe Biden REFUSES to take questions about the classified documents found at his private offices.


Has hell frozen over? Even leftist rag The Daily Beast calls it “blatantly corrupt” that the White House and DOJ withheld the Biden classified documents story from the public until after the midterms 🫢

A second batch of classified documents has been found in a location accessed by Biden.

BREAKING: Second batch of classified documents found at a new location.


A second batch of classified Biden documents is coming to the surface.

So Trump’s raid set the precident and now the boomerang moves towards Biden.

It all feels scripted and I don’t feel like pretending it isn’t.

BREAKING: A SECOND BATCH of classified documents discovered by Biden aides

BREAKING: Second batch of classified documents found at a new location.

Biden stole classified documents, yet Trump was the one that got raided. Lol 😂 go figure.

I bet the Americans are seeing the double standards and the existence of the Deep State that protects pedophiles.

JUST IN – Biden aides suddenly find a second batch of classified documents at a new location.


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