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These WEF Globalist NWO demons are using the entire earth for a test tube in geo magnitude experiments of multiple venues. HAARP is one venue. The VAX is one venue. 5G is one venue. As LBJ said “He who controls the weather controls the world” Henry Kissinger (with Lord Rothschild) says “Who controls the money controls the world” and then there’s the DS MSM mass media mind control. FJB says “C’mon man – you know the thing”. Truths on the the horizon! —crp

MSDNC DS MSM Demonic-Rats

President Trump on the Biden classified documents: “I think you’re gonna find a lot more because in Delaware, I understand, they have a tremendous stash of documents, and I’m sure when you look at that you’re gonna find documents that you didn’t even believe….”

Seems like Trump is hinting that we can expect a lot more to come from this scandal. — Kennedy TV / Mark Levin

The narrative is being set.

Democrat Hank Johnson suggesting that Republicans planted these documents.

I can’t wait for the next hearing when they drag a “witness” in and say Trump drove to Delaware in a black hood, unlocked the garage and planted evidence. Just like he took out his entire Secret Service detail on Jan. 6th. 🥴

@WokeSocieties 🇺🇸

D-Rep Hank Johnson suggests Trump “agents” planted all those classified docs in Biden Joe’s places. Sure Hank! True to form demonic-rat projection routine. Plant the suggestion (Obama Styled NLP) into the public mind like with “The View” and apply Nancy’s “Wrap up Smearing” thing psycho-tech to close the deal with the MSDNC MSM. Now we’ll see if the public buys it this time! Your a loser this time Hank. Your true colors are showing! —crp

Joe “can’t remember” and “doesn’t know”. Perhaps that’s because criminally demented Joe Biden didn’t put them there; and even so it’s obvious he’s too cognitively disabled to even know what these documents are about. Maybe he can find an administrative scapegoat? —crp

This is the narrative- It was just a really, really weird time for everyone’: Biden staffers packing up files in his office were worried about TRUMP’S arrival, new report claims after aides were interviewed in the classified documents case


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So this is a great exposition of the 5D Chess narrative. Makes ever more sense as these exposures happen. Now it’s even more daunting to consider that that’s only 4D and that indicates there’s “another” dimension to this game. Trust The Plan – yes indeed! You are playing your part in this excellently! But – the DS monitors everything you’re presenting here; and that’s also part of the game with a whole other dimension taking all of this into consideration. A very complicated complexity with the whole geopolitical world at stake. We’re also depending on the technology of the Internet and WWW. The “spiritual” component operates on a different wavelength instrumental to the Divine Reality – say you – even beyond 5D. No doubt there’s a spiritual correspondence involved in all that’s now going on. So interesting! —crp

Non human (demonic) principalities like to play war games with all these war toys. It amuses them as one of their modalities of “off world” entertainments relative to the “cultivated” human perspective of reality. These “ET” games have been going on for a very long time – it’s like the Earth is their “gaming planet”. “They” could destroy an aircraft carrier in the blink of an eye – but there’s a huge investment in these War Toys. —crp

The DS MSM is a scripted cover-story, an “alternative reality” orchestrated by the criminal and traitorous “Elite” designed to keep the public mindsets self-deluded and mentally sleepwalking through a “matrix” of deception and “official” lies. It’s never been about the Truth. Literally speaking. —crp

KT MCFARLAND: China paid for the Biden Penn Center where all these highly classified documents were stored. Did the Chinese government have access to them? The Chinese paid the salaries of all the staff, people who immediately went into the Biden administration at the highest levels [SoS Blinken, NSC Jake Sullivan]

Smart Cities / Sustainable Cities / Resilient Cities = all the same WEF NWO agenda. Representatives of the cities attending Davos and WEF “briefings” have been implementing this WEF NWO agenda for decades now. These are cities with WEF NWO “full spectrum” totalitarian population controls. —crp

The question is just what is Buttigieg’s “product” as Sec of Trans? Seems like the Trans Sector is crashing into an abyss and this demonicrat is just some kind of a psycho political “figurehead” for the impostor Biden regime. —crp


Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy providing top cover for the CCP Ambassador to the US?

The world class “Western” (NATO) criminals staging this war in Ukraine are WEF elitist criminal psychopaths who are well “insulated” from all the death and destruction they are wreaking in Ukraine and upon the planet; and “they” could care less about the casualties of wars. In fact they “they” relish the casualties in conjunction with “their “global depopulation” agenda while their “debt slave” taxpayers foot the bill. Why on earth would “they” want to stop the war? —crp

He who Controls the World

Criminal Traitor Joe Biden Exposed 2023

Joe Biden stole classified documents and stashed them in his phony think tank funded by $54 million in blood money from Communist China.

This a serious investigation.

And the communist operatives populating the Deep State can’t hide it anymore.

Biden and his crooked Attorney General Merrick Garland ransacked President Trump’s home over a phony document dispute.

But it turns out Joe Biden is guilty of every crime he falsely accused Donald Trump of committing.

I discussed the Biden crime family with Tucker Carlson.

Please take a few moments to watch the interview.

With Republicans taking power in the House of Representatives, I need your help to defend President Trump.


Hypothetically anyone who has gotten the mRNA genocidal VAX and Boosters (laced with AIDS HIV and Carcinogens) should test positive for AIDS as this is what The VAX is designed to do. —crp

Where were Biden’s classified documents? In his garage. Next to the Corvette.

Biden is undoubtedly a suspect in this potential crime – but don’t expect his DOJ to treat him as such.


NOW – Biden: “My Corvette is in a locked garage, OK?”

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Criminally demented Joe Biden is a treasonous obscenity. All cognitively impaired Joe can do is misread scripted lies off a teleprompter or earpiece. It Can’t be much clearer than that. The burning question is: When will We The People be finally rid of this psycho-political obscenity? —crp

The third set of classified docs were found in Biden’s freaking GARAGE

HUCKABEE: Communist China was ‘shelling out millions’ to Biden Penn Center where classified documents were found

JOHN RATCLIFFE: The documents Trump took were under the purview of Secret Service, and were taken under the Presidential Records Act… None of that applies to Vice President Joe Biden and what we’re finding out is classified documents he had no authority to take, are now being found in multiple locations.

“A Special Counsel appointment in this situation is no longer debatable, it is required.”

Biden’s classified documents were found in his garage – and in a room in his home. 👀

These would have been taken there during the 2017 transition.

Re: Banning Gas Stoves: Joe’s Psycho-Political (premeditated) pseudo science (“disinfo”) psycho-drama “distraction” for all Obama’s “narrow minded” (common “little”) people. Shows “their” utter contempt for “We The People”. Just another Act of Treason (lies deceptions and betrayal). —crp

Russia doesn’t move for no reason and USA Inc. / NATO doesn’t publicly disclose its moves as offensive or defensive; overt acts or responses. One thing is clear Russia’s moves are extremely logical analytic and intelligent. As for USA Inc. / NATO “their” moves are as criminal as the Deep State. Just something to keep in mind! —crp

The question is just what is Buttigieg’s “product” as Sec of Trans? Seems like the Trans Sector is crashing into an abyss and this demonicrat is just some kind of a psycho political “figurehead” for the impostor Biden regime. —crp

These DS demons are thoroughly disgusting. They will keep “pissing in our faces” until We The People shut them down. Presidential awards and medals of honor to DS complicit traitors and criminals! MSDNC MSM Fake News and Golden Globe Award Ceremonies to International Criminals – are a profane portrait of the obscene nature of the evil that We The People are facing day by day now being exposed with all its disgusting details. Are We The People now Awake? —crp

PS: ….and now Gas Stoves are a health hazard to children? “They” will now target gas stoves for the injuries that the VAX is actually inflicting on the children. Total premeditated hypocrisy “pissing in your face” indicating utter contempt for We The People. This is The Twilight Zone for real!


Devin Nunes discusses the newly discovered classified documents that Biden was hiding and that Biden’s DOJ knew about this before the 2022 election.

“Whatever they accuse you of doing, they’re doing themselves.”

He went on to explain that China has given at least $61 million to the University of Pennsylvania which is a “staggering amount of money… it’s impossible that the FBI didn’t know about it.”

These people are so screwed.

Was listening to Jeff Beck just the other night reminds me the 60’s with ‘him and Rod Stewart – “Morning Dew”. The passing of a R&B Legend. —crp

Remember when Scavino hinted that Mar-A-Lago would be raided three days before it actually happened.

Someone explain that to me like I’m five.

Now Trump has the optics to dismantle the FBI and former Presidents can be exposed cause they did it to Trump after all…

How many boomerangs are scheduled to swing back around in our favor?

Who is writing this script?

Trump was “chosen” for this role. Of course he knows bc it shows in every move he makes. I’ll bank on the morality of the moment! The MSDNC MSM Fake News is revolting (sick) yet it’s still the mainstream diet for daily mind control and brainwashing by the DS. Such a twisted tangle to be untangled with real news information and justice. Pending….. —crp

Re: WEF “get-together” in a remote Swiss village: What kind of “people” we talking about here Klaus? Restore who’s “trust” we talking about here Klaus? Pray tell….. Klaus makes a quintessential “head of the snake”! That should be the target…… —crp

Joe “can’t remember” and “doesn’t know”. Perhaps that’s because criminally demented Joe Biden didn’t put them there; and even so it’s obvious he’s too cognitively disabled to even know what these documents are about. Maybe he can find an administrative scapegoat? —crp

I agree whole heartedly on the nonhuman principalities that have been critically active throughout human history. My reference is the political philosophy embodied by the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. That’s what is currently “operational” – but the founding fathers are well aware of the Biblical Principalities – i.e. Swedenborg – as “factors” of the times. —crp

The “War” has been “happening” for a very long time and now is getting very real to The People by means of Revelations for Our Time. Yes indeed – the Truth is unfolding right before your very eyes! This is it. —crp

I miss the old teletype days – all this social media emoji’s intrigue is beyond me. Let’s go back to when a com was a real com and not a distraction of nonsensical comic book styled symbols. My opinion of course! —crp

Our living Earth is no “Cosmic Accident”. It’s positioning around the sun is no accident. The Moon’s function controlling the cycles of life is no accident. The Earth has had a very rough ride over billions of years (what’s a year? what is time? what is geological time?) – but it’s still hanging in there “ecologically” supporting all the remaining lifeforms upon it with precise complexity. God Acts through the Will of The People – make no mistake – The People need to Act upon God’s “Word” when they come to know it. The People must have Faith in The Divine Reality and Act with God given Common Sense to rid this world of Satanic evil – a demonic evil that first infiltrates the mind. —crp


Grounding all commercial air traffic within and without of the US. Talk about creating a distraction! First thing to think about with the New House Rules. I’d say that the …. show is starting for real along this magnitude!


Might be a good time for all those stranded airline passengers to tune into alternative news sources for the real news of the day and what’s going on in Congress and with MSDNC MSM Fake News – to compare facts with the MSM premeditated fictions. —crp

9000 people are dying daily in China from the Covid-19 vaccines.

This is depopulation.

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Some people don’t know we are at war. The people that are suffering are the Awakened ones

It’s a hard & fast rule of thumb that whatever these demonic-rats & pet rinos accuse their psycho-political targets of “they” themselves are guilty of. Every accusation these criminal psychopaths make is a direct projection of “their” own premeditated crimes, high crimes & treason 1:1. Look into whatever they are accusing (& taking legal action upon) & you find 1:1 that they themselves are the forensic criminals; as their pseudo-moralistic actions are just a cover designed to misdirect public attention away from themselves 1:1 & to scapegoat their opponents. —crp

These treasonous criminal psychopaths are proud of the destruction that they are serving upon The American People. In their minds We The People are the criminals for exposing them in their perverse and obscene minds. “They” all are serving their Satanic masters and expecting of protection and rewards (pay offs) for the treason “They” are committing forwarding the WEF Globalist Agenda for a Satanic NWO. It’s useless to imagine “They” will ever repent for “Their” high crimes. —crp

How many of you had your child take the jab because the school board said it was safe and opened up dozens of schools as jab centers to make it more convenient?

If the astronomical numbers of teens and athletes suddenly dying and having cardiac arrest isn’t enough, you should looking into the government’s VAERS system.

Elizabeth Rose Ragonese…. 2 years old.

Died… after getting Covid & flu JAB.

Maybe putting a face and name to the info might start waking people up to the truth.

Here’s her VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reaction info) And here’s the funeral info: https://www.brooksidechapelfh.com/obituary/8350663

Follow: @Covid19vaccinevictims

Re: Prohibition of Gas Stoves: The criminally demented Joe Biden “Mob Rule” is an obscenity six ways to Sunday. That’s a given. A steaming pile of …. lies every which way. All these obscenities are premeditated acts to destroy America in every insidious way imaginable to such demonic logic. One must be prepared for anything next! —crp

Masks don’t work – so they can only represent a symbol of “obedience” to the WHO totalitarian agenda. Wear a mask and this signals that you are in “blind” compliance with this WHO madness. —crp

We’ve been led to “believe” (by our presumed authorities) that all this infiltrating psycho-political “progressive” crap is a natural dialectic; a natural “evolutionary” process – like “Climate Change” (and stolen elections?). Cut off the head of this subversive snake and America will be “rejuvenated” with some real progress. Until then America will continue to be disintegrated. —crp

Re: The difference between a Democracy and a Republic. I suppose that if we had a genuine common sense educational system every student / citizen would know our American Heritage. The enemy of The People insidiously subverts common sense and precipitates ignorance social chaos with premeditated cognitive dissonance to exert its control “dominion” over the “masses”. So, it’s a good thing to know! —crp

VAX Warning

I live in Minnesota.

Can we get a Joe Biden visit to Minneapolis so we can get our homeless camps cleaned up too?


This should help..We have more than we know! MILITARY has always been the only way..

We are teaching people about our Govt and Constitution..



They cannot just take over..people would panic.




All must fail publicly before the MIL can PUBLICLY TAKE OVER

Having a Coincidence


7/9/2021 – A woman holds a 2011 newspaper in her hands that reads, in black and white, that Bill Gates will begin “Depopulation through compulsory vaccination” since it will be the most “environmentally friendly approach.”

This article was destroyed and is no longer available.

Was this all planned from the beginning , and are we going to believe that the government had nothing to do with it ?

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Since 2011

Newly released documents show that the White House has played a major role in censoring Americans on social media. Email exchanges between Rob Flaherty, the White House’s director of digital media, and social-media executives prove the companies put Covid censorship policies in place in response to relentless, coercive pressure from the White House—not voluntarily. The emails emerged Jan. 6 in the discovery phase of Missouri v. Biden, a free-speech case brought by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana and four private plaintiffs represented by the New Civil Liberties Alliance.


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Joe Biden has failed the American People and Border Patrol Agents.

The border is the most dangerous crisis in America and fentanyl is killing Americans everyday.

Impeach Joe Biden and Secretary Mayorkas!


Re: Bolsonaro hospitalization. Hospitals are a convenient “killing zone” for the Deep State genocidal apparatus as we have witnessed most recently with the CV19 hoax. Patients admitted into hospitals are put on genocidal protocols and die from their medical “treatments” for something that doesn’t even exist. —crp

Call me a conspiracy theorist all you like but what are the chances that Bolsonaro gets admitted to the hospital just one day after Brazil’s so called insurrection?



Obama is the central figure in all the demonic and obscene psycho-political drama that’s playing out; and the question is “Who’s” behind the curtain directing and enabling Obama and all his demonic minions. Mass Hypnosis (NLP) with Trance State public mindset modalities is Obama’s specialty. This pure evil is playing out on the World Stage! — crp



Not only can we not fight against an invasion – we cant even film it.

Criminally demented Joe Biden is a treasonous obscenity. Can’t be much clearer than that. The burning question is: When will We The People be finally rid of this psycho-political obscenity? —crp

Most of the planet is taking “health care” advice from monsters who believe the world is overpopulated.

Not a good bet.

Local ABC Texas reporter calls Biden’s border drive-by “a dog and pony show.”

“It doesn’t get to the heart of the issue.”


Personally I don’t think treasonous criminally demented Joe Biden has any influence on Vladimir Putin – everyone knows that puppet joe is a psycho-political freak show. Putin is too smart to acknowledge puppet joe for anything legitimate. —crp

Senator Frank Church warns in 1975 that the government has the capability to listen to every message, every call, and see everything you do.  He says that the government is technologically decades ahead of the people and that this technology is being used against foreign countries now, but warns it could be used against United States citizens in the future.

Channel: @JFK_TV

Re: Joe Biden’s “visit” to the Southern Border in El Paso Texas is a staged event.


On Tuesday and Wednesday law enforcement teams moved through the downtown area, picking up migrants who had entered the country illegally.

The Cleanup before the visit, its all staged


Beware of “False Flag” attacks are premeditated “set ups” to demonize innocent political parties as psycho-political targets. We are seeing this malignant strategy playing out time and time again; and we know what’s behind these seditious acts. Too bad police investigations, as with the FBI, are often proven to be in on the scam. —crp

Lucifer is the god of psycho-politics to the most profane and obscene degrees. Lucifer is the god of all these petty mindless psycho-political malignancies that have been infiltrated into the governments and halls of congress just as “Seen on TV” (MSM etc.) High Crimes and Treason is their mantra; destruction of America their agenda. —crp

The obviously rigged 2020/2022 (and elections past) involving the J6 travesty of psycho-political persecution – should be a highest priority with McCarthy’s role as Speaker of The (People’s) House. Prosecuting the “establishment” criminals and traitors that have perpetrated these high crimes must be Job #1 for the Congress. —crp

Ashli Babbitt was murdered by a Capitol Police officer on January 6th and now her mother is arrested by … Capitol Police … as the psychopathic lies about what happened that day continue from the Washington fascists


The Technology of Life is incomprehensible to the human intellect. Modern “High Tech” is like nursery school stuff compared to the Divine Technology of Creation and Life. The “hybrid” human body is a living encyclopedia of life, ecologies, and physical systems. The human body is a sacred trust; but it’s being demonically abused with mass psychological “ego-centric” programming and “mind control” techniques deployed by the dominant evil powers that be. —crp

FBI Director Christopher Ray lies which is the FBI’s MO to the public. From JFK to 9/11 to J6 lying and coverups is what “They” do. The real question is who does the FBI really work for? Clue: “Establishment” Traitors and Criminals – that’s who! —crp

Everyone who was bashing MTG this week, was wrong.

Everyone who was bashing Gaetz & co. (incl. me), was wrong.

Everyone who was bashing this showdown (incl. me) was wrong.

Everyone who was bashing Trump, was wrong.

Everyone who was praising MTG, was right.

Everyone who was praising Gaetz & co, was right.

Everyone who was praising this showdown, was right.

Everyone who trusted Trump, was right.

— Just Human

Looks like these arms deals are really the DS’s way of recycling used and obsolete military equipment and armaments. These inadequate pieces are like shooting ducks to the Russians and will result in ever more Ukrainian death and destruction. —crp


Mind-blowing peer-reviewed study

Dr. John Campbell takes us through this bombshell study, which has been suppressed on youtube.

Alternative Video Link

McCarthy: “Speaking of committees, we will hold the swamp accountable, from the withdrawal of Afghanistan, to the origins of Covid and to the weaponization of the FBI. Let me be very clear. We will use the power of the purse and the power of the subpoena to get the job done.”


“Too early to say” (the cause) and “cause of death unknown” = The VAX. It’s simple logic now to anyone with some common sense. Psycho-political criminals do not acknowledge common sense. So, you can see this WEF WHO NIH CDC treasonous agenda clear as a bell! —crp

Re: Hakeem Jeffries: Let these malignant Obama Era demonic-rats show their faces and their demonic hypocritical madness – out in the open now for all The People to see what criminal psycho-political insanity looks like. —crp

The CDC is pressuring teachers and school officials to endorse transgenderism and LGBT in their curricula.

CDC is short for “Centers for Disease Control.” What disease are they controlling by pushing transgenderism onto grade schoolers?

—Charlie Kirk

I would not trust any of the WHO CDC establishment “healthcare” affiliates including generational doctors and hospital facilities (EMT and Emergency Room Doctors excluded) as the entire industry is cannibalistic and genocidal. What we have witnessed these past few years should prove the case in spades. —crp

Greta Thunberg is a malignant little “useful” idiot. A WEF puppet child – a total psy-op targeting suggestible gullible juvenile generation thinkers (the children) with all this seditious “Climate Change” crap. —crp

Biden announced a new app that illegals can use to seek asylum in the US.

More than 5 million illegal aliens have crossed over the border since Joe Biden was installed in January 2021.

The same Capitol police that murdered an unarmed Ashli Babbitt also arrested her mother on the anniversary of her death.

You couldn’t make up worse optics if you tried.

Release all of the hidden January 6th footage and reveal the truth to the world.


⚡️On this sacred day, of January 6th, the day millions of Americans tried to protest the rigged election but their own FBI infiltrated, incited violence, and blamed them for it—the illegitimate “POTUS”, signs over another 2.85 Billion USD to Ukraine under the FAA.



President Trump is playing Kevin McCarthy for the RINO hypocrite that he is. It’s all about exposure and showing The People where these psycho-political creatures are really at! All about the criminal and traitorous characters who have infiltrated the US Congress and government at large. —crp

Perhaps the criminal psycho-political Biden Admin has committed as much treason and damage to the American Nation that they think they can get away with and now they’re doing some (black) PR backpedaling? As if they’re actually doing something about the destruction and death that they have premeditatedly caused? The Biden Admin is an obscenity that’s non-negotiable! —crp

Perhaps Putin’s MI knows something the MSM censored programming mass mind distracted American Public doesn’t know? Perhaps? NATO (UK/USA Inc. MIC) is making moves into the Ukraine World War Zone. Moves and counter moves while keeping the American Public Mindsets in distracted ignorance. —crp

It’s Climate Change? Nahhh…. it’s really about all those pink flamingos that’s responsible for changes in human genetics, causing cancer and other diseases; certainly couldn’t be the gene altering experimental mRNA genocidal VAX bioweapon recently deployed upon human populations all around the planet making people sick maiming and killing them out of all statistical proportions. —crp


Bio-Weapon Flow Chart

If you don’t think the Crown UN WEF WHO CDC NIH (Prince Philip’s agents) don’t already have the most deadly viruses & vax’es ready to deploy then you ain’t seen nothing yet! This first round CV19 (2019) & mRNA VAX is a Globalist Test (like HIV AIDS in the 80’s – with same principals / agents involved) using the whole world pop as a test tube. DJT admin did as needed to expose “their” entire workings. Now one must really be prepared for what comes next with “their” genocidal “Great Reset” —crp

Most people know C19 was made in a lab, but there hasn’t been an official admittance from the government or media. They wont admit it, because they are trying to avoid the following line of questioning:

— If C19 is man-made, who made it?

— Why isn’t the DNC interested in finding out who it was?

— Russia and China accusing “DNC” of creating bioweapons?

— Why does Hunter Biden own a biolab company in Ukraine?

— Who benefitted most from releasing C19?

— Mail-in voting?

— Biden/DNC?

House of Cards

H/T: bioclandestine

Channel: @JFK_TV

Former FBI Boss Admits Bureau Has Been Infiltrated by ‘WEF Goons’ Who ‘Want To Destroy America’ – News Punch

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