Sure thing Hank!

D-Rep Hank Johnson suggests Trump “agents” planted all those classified docs in Biden Joe’s places. Sure Hank! True to form demonic-rat projection routine. Plant the suggestion (Obama Styled NLP) into the public mind like with “The View” and apply Nancy’s “Wrap up Smearing” thing psycho-tech to close the deal with the MSDNC MSM. Now we’ll see if the public buys it this time! Your a loser this time Hank. Your true colors are showing! —crp

The narrative is being set.

Democrat Hank Johnson suggesting that Republicans planted these documents.

I can’t wait for the next hearing when they drag a “witness” in and say Trump drove to Delaware in a black hood, unlocked the garage and planted evidence. Just like he took out his entire Secret Service detail on Jan. 6th. 🥴

@WokeSocieties 🇺🇸

President Trump on the Biden classified documents: “I think you’re gonna find a lot more because in Delaware, I understand, they have a tremendous stash of documents, and I’m sure when you look at that you’re gonna find documents that you didn’t even believe….”

Seems like Trump is hinting that we can expect a lot more to come from this scandal. — Kennedy TV / Mark Levin

Joe “can’t remember” and “doesn’t know”. Perhaps that’s because criminally demented Joe Biden didn’t put them there; and even so it’s obvious he’s too cognitively disabled to even know what these documents are about. Maybe he can find an administrative scapegoat? —crp

This is the narrative- It was just a really, really weird time for everyone’: Biden staffers packing up files in his office were worried about TRUMP’S arrival, new report claims after aides were interviewed in the classified documents case

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