An Absolute War 2023

An absolute war

For the first time in history, Russia is fighting an absolute war. All previous wars were relative and prototypes, prefigurations of this one, which is the main one. Only this war is the final one, the last and irreversibly significant. It is clear that we do not yet understand it. What is happening is beyond the comprehension of even those involved in it, even those who started it. For the first time at the other end is absolute evil – not partial, not relative; it is not even the West, much less the ephemeral transient entity of so called “Ukraine”, however hellish it may seem: it is something much deeper. This is humanity’s last war. Only Russia, with a few others, has decisively taken the side of Truth, but has not understood how. It is for this historical moment that we, Russians, have been created. Regardless of how it ends, preparations for the Last Judgement are in full swing. The watershed is cutting across the planet: on this side or on the other. Humanity is torn apart. History is a movement from one to two. In the beginning there was only one Adam. In the end there are two: Adam and his black double.

Alexander Dugin

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