The Enemy’s ID 2023 (1)

Enemy (Crown) infiltration (Marxism) into The US Government at all “strategic” levels and into the society at large – has been ongoing for a very long time; no doubt starting with The Colonies circa 18th Century. Today the US legal system is almost completely rigged right up to the Supreme Court. We are advised (and thereby axiomatic) that the current “Op” has been to create a Constitutional Social and Legal Platform whereby this Enemy is thoroughly exposed and revealed to the sovereign public – in short the Time of Revelations. This is what Revelations is all about! The time to know what’s really going on through this most critical perspective. —crp

The principalities and principals behind the Crown Globalist WEF “elite” (chosen ones) “shareholders” in the NWO neo-feudalistic “corporatocracy” are having “their” money magic (mob -rule-fed- “institutional” counterfeiting) operation exposed now for all the people to see. For centuries a Khazarian “elitist” Mob has served the Crown’s Financial Interests in controlling the world currency basically consigning world’s populations to an “Official” psycho-political financial tyranny “Establishment” of Universal Debt Slavery controlled by a super wealthy criminal elite “WEF” hell bent on ruling the world at the expense of all The People. —crp

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