Ten Minutes to Midnight

The USA Inc. “Commander in Chief” is criminally demented cognitively disabled mental malignancy DS (Obama Puppet) Joe Biden is declaring war against America and the entire “Free World” world of humanity at large. We should hope that these DS psycho geopolitical drama queens are actually diffusing the “nuclear threat” once and for all where American USA Inc. (Crown) “Petro Dollar” backed by threat of a nuclear annihilation is forever dead. We will have reached the “Precipice” with the “Doomsday Clock” at 10 minutes to midnight. Let’s hope for the best! —crp

Full blown insanity!

Now the US warmongers say that in order to defend Ukraine that Ukraine must invade Crimea and take it back from Russia.

All US led, financed, supported, and stocked with military equipment and weapons of course.

It’s out of control.



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