The Establishment Medical Ind.

The “Establishment” Medical Industry has been corrupt since its invention. It has a profiteering agenda – in other words it profits off of disease and death in the guise of “Health Care”. It has suppressed cures and natural curative treatments replacing them with toxic pharmaceuticals that just prolong disease and death (to maximize profits). The people have been mind controlled to consider their doctors as some kind of gods all the while they are being deceived. So, this insidious “Establishment” needs to go and be replaced by a genuine Medical Health Care system that actually cures people of their disease. —crp


Covid-19 is a worldwide, state-sponsored contract terrorism program, fronted by a pretextual ‘public health’ campaign.

It is jointly conducted by:

1 infiltators loyal to foreign and domestic enemies, posing as US government officials, primarily in the executive branch, administrative agencies and military;

2 intermediate contract management firms such as Advanced Technology Inc/ATI and Analytic Services Inc./ANSER;

3 pharmaceutical-weapons manufacturers such as Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna, BioPort and Emergent Biosolutions, organized through the Medical CBRN Defense Consortium/MCDC.

Hat tip: Katherine Watt, Bailliwick News Substack

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