Astro Engineering

Re: Earth’s Core Rotation and Astro Engineering. One “scientific” theory akin to Velikovsky’s (“The Ring Makers of Saturn”) presented by an astrophysicist demonstrated that the primordial Earth traveling in its orbital path at 100,000 mph was inversely impacted by a “directed” 5 mile diameter “ball” of Uranium traveling approximately 100,000 mph which lodged itself at the very center of the Earth (“driving” an expansion and fracturing of the Earth’s continuous surface plate) resulting in the Earth’s drifting plate and surface dynamics we are experiencing today. This “Event” was no accident. It is axiomatic that the living Earth was “Constructed” by “Intelligent Design” – with its myriad sentient life bearing “symbiotic ecologies” and interrelationships – by design – by a creative intelligence and power inconceivable and incomprehensible to the human mind and its cognitive capabilities. Interesting to consider along with what is now happening! —crp

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