The Clinton Foundation 2023

The Clinton Foundation lies at the nexus of an array of criminal associations although I’m sure Hillary and Bill don’t consider it that way. To these insiders their allegience is to a preeminent “New World Order” (NWO) agenda to which the current “imposture” president participates as well. This “World Class” criminal syndicate holds sway over all the “Western Governments” aka The British Crown with its traditional imperial domain and vested interests. Said interests involving primarily a globalist world financial system of Central Banks along with the war Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and full complicity with the PNAC 9/11 its context narrative of the “Mainstream Mass Media” and Propaganda (the MSM) as the most dominant association with all its justified “crimes against humanity” along with a worldwide depopulation program; drug, arms, and human trafficing; appropriation of global natural resources and “slave labor” – the list goes on as one might imagine. These dominating entities consider themselves to be “The Establishment” and “above the common laws” of any nation – entitled through “Royal Bloodlines” to mind control the human population any way their “think tanks” (such as the Tavistock Institute and Opus Dei) might direct. This is what a “Clinton Presidency” represents. Keeping these analysis points in the background makes evaluating current events very revealing and most “eye opening” rendering a worldview that redirects “We The People” to come together uniting them through a common understanding facilitating more informed and effective decisions within a democratic and technocratic context. This current U.S. Presidential Election is a case in point! As for me I just want to see a different face in the White House. The Clintons are too disgusting! —crp (2016)

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