How to Deal with Traitors

Execution is way too easy a way out for these disgusting demonic creatures. They must be imprisoned for the rest of their miserable lives (under public observation) while writing up their factual memoirs detailing all the forensic facts of their crimes high crimes and treason. History must know all the obscene details of their actions along with all the names of those complicit with their treason. —crp

The thing is that the alt news and social channels with some pseudo patriotic insider info stating that all these DS criminals and traitors are already in “Gitmo” or have been judiciously executed – suggesting that all their characters are replaced by improvisers who are just carrying on with the current script as part of The Plan. Psy-Ops are ongoing from all directions and one’s perspective is caught in their grip. No doubt about this! Just saying…… —crp

My opinion is that if Trump had declared that he was the rightful president back in 2020 and started having the traitors rounded up, the country would have exploded with fury and chaos. There would have been a civil war, which is what the enemy wanted. The plan that Trump and the military have implemented is so breathtaking in scope and genius that only God could have designed it and breathed it into existence. There is just no way any human could’ve been this brilliant. I believe they have been taking out the traitors, Communists, satanists, and child traffickers over the course of time since 2016. How could they do this and not alarm the public? Replace them with 2.0’s. I don’t understand how it’s accomplished, but I think it has happened and is continuing to happen. Absolute genius. Thank you, God. 🙏🏻 —Keys

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