What We See (5GW) I/P

These DS players are all telling lies. For example their latest disinformation regarding Russia. This is psy-op psycho-political Twilight Zone 5GW fabricated bs. These people think The People are stupid and that The People will believe any DS bs. They’re all lying and dementedly committed to their past lies and crimes. Pretty simple really . —crp

This demonstrates some of the 5GW ways and means – revealing how this World War is being fought. There are no “accidents” here to fore. These catastrophic events are all “tactical”. —crp

Of course FEMA is in cahoots with the WEF WHO 5GW genocidal agenda. All these catastrophic “events” clearly demonstrate especially by their timing that they’re being orchestrated. —crp

This is one of the ways and means of the current 5GW WW3 is being fought. Precipitated catastrophic events disguised as “accidents” or “Acts of God”. As of now anything goes as “tactical” and imagination is the limit! —crp

5GW is going on – that’s what! Focus in on the “common denominator” – we know the war is in progress. We know the war is being waged from within weaponizing myriad unconventional means. One’s imagination is the limit. What we are seeing are acts of war in a variety of the most insidious means. —crp

5GW Psy-Ops is definitely the name of the game! We know that it is operationally playing out in all the events we’re experiencing today. It’s “Full Spectrum” insidious with myriad means. —crp

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