Q) The Storm Rider 23.02.24



3 months before the TOXIC CHEMICAL (, ATTACK) in Palestine Ohio..

Corporate subsidiary company MyID. of BLACKROCK were testing their new Digital ID>> MyID digital braceles<<< that tracks health care of individuals and including those who were or had been part of a TOXIC CHEMICAL ATTACK or exposure to TOXIC chemicals .

_1 week before the PLANNED< bio-weapon > TOXIC chemical disaster in Palestine, >> MyIDs << were passed out to residents of Palestine ( [ THEY] knew what was going to happen)

_In the same time CDC erased data on how Vinyl Chloride effects children<

The days after the crash in Ohio authorities called for a controlled burn of the chemicals

(Right now there is fight inside the investigative teams who authorized the controlled burn of the chemicals. Eventually some one will take the blame<

But the real truth is known CIA/FBI/ [ DS] Pentagon handled the operations with black ops military infiltrated INSIDE the investigative units who ordered the burn of the vinyl chloride<

⚠️ Dioxins is what creates DDT and AGENT ORANGE ( used in military warfare programs) ..

> THE INTENTIONAL BURNING OF THE VINYL CHLORIDE CREATED THE DEADLY DIOXINS AND THE CIA ( ROCKEFELLERS) BEHIND OPERATIONS KNEW THIS WOULD CREATE DIOXINS THAT sink into the water under ground and pipes and re-release into the air and continuous cycle of Dioxins into water into air would happen for years creating CANCER, sickness and breaking down the immune system and central nervous system>>>>>> This is why MyID created by subsidiary companies of BLACKROCK created the DIGITAL trackers of those Exposed to the bio-weapon attack in Palestine Ohio<

This intentional bio-weapon attack could be the BIGGEST Bio-weapon ATTACK in human history this far.

The burning of chlorinated compounds is a top cause of cancer

This TOXIC chemical ATTACK causes extremely dangerous, long term DNA mutations in animals and humans. The ecological disaster that took place in East Palestine, Ohio will inevitably expose the surrounding communities to DNA mutations. Cancer clusters are likely to crop up in the area, and childhood cancers will inevitably result in the future.


Many scientist and health officials have warned in the past week up leave the area immediately and Google YouTube, Facebook ECT have all began scrubbing the information

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