Tulsi Gabbard DS Controlled Op

Tulsi Gabbard is a DS (WEF) “controlled op” she’s pretty slick but she’s also a con artist for the DS. She’s spinning PR deceptive narratives that evade simple (and obvious) truths – by design. —crp

DS Psy-Ops (of WEF “Think Tanks”) are insidiously slick. Revealed by all the fabricated characters & plots of their literary ops (works) of popular spy novels sci-fi novels movies TV & MSM productions – their control of “truth” is self-evident. These are the slickest of productions performing for an insidious intel that’s skilled at mind controlling the public. Through “controlled opposition” operators they give themselves away! —crp

Tulsi Gabbard

[ INFILTRATED ] the Democratic party and dropped RED PILLS< MILLIONS///

Gabbard holds CLASSIFIED CLEARANCE for years//


>29th Infantry Brigade Combat Team

>graduated from the Accelerated Officer Candidate School at the Alabama Military Academy. She was commissioned as a second lieutenant, and assigned to the 29th Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 29th Infantry Brigade Combat Team

>Army Military Police officer

>first woman to receive an award of appreciation from the Kuwait National Guard

>Served in 351st Civil Affairs Command, a California-based United States Army Reserve unit assigned to the United States Army Civil Affairs and >Psychological Operations Command [ INFILTRATION UNITS ] CLASSIFIED CLEARANCE<

~Why did she meet with Trump SEVERAL times since 2016?

~ Why is she and> Kash Patel often seen at the same EVENTS speaking?

~Why did she Infiltrate the Democratic party and then leave BIDEN for Presidential endorsement in the final moments?

~Why did she leave the Democratic party and take over 750,000 followers with her? And RED PILL the MASSES by the MILLIONS on n public stations?

~WHY WAS SHE ONE OF THE FIRST U.S.  LEADERS TO [ EXPOSE ] U.S. MILITARY BIO-WEAPONS LABS IN UKRAINE? During the Russian first stages into Ukraine and at the same time RUSSIAN was EXPOSING U.S. paid funded Bio-weapons labs in Ukraine funded by Hunter Biden and his invested Ukrainian companies?

* You have more than you know. Q

Watch Gabbard<<She knows//

/(FOG of WAR/// many BLACKHATS , GRey HATS are placed by white HATS OPERATIONS into ] INFILTRATION UNITS [////



Tulsi Gabbard says Biden and Democrats share same ‘core principles’ as Hitler | Washington Examiner



Tulsi Gabbard :

United States ARMY Civil Affairs and>>> Psychological Operations Command<<<<


Inside sources confirm she carries High Level Clearance



and knowledge on Bio-weapons/Labs in UKRAINE is only the beginning of her placed INFILTRATION into the DNC

>These Military psychological OPERATIONS are connected to MASS migrations of democrat party members and including Hollywood figures beginning to to to_ to JUMP SHIP///


You may not TRUST_ TULSI but that’s irrelevant /

—Capt Kyle

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