Katie Hobbs 2023

Obviously Katie Hobbs was made an offer she couldn’t refuse. It’s her life 0r the lives of the people of Arizona. She chose her life and to hell with The People of Arizona. —crp

Arizona’s election have been rigged with help of cartels’ money and Katie Hobbs should be in prison not be running the state.

Report: Preliminary findings of activities impacting Arizona’s election integrity with specific focus on the 2020 and 2022 general elections.

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Arrest Katie Hobbs. I have my popcorn ready when they arrest her. 🤣 It’s so much better that the White Hats allowed her to be Governor, then publicly expose her before restoring the rightful governor. Lol

It would have been a boring movie if Kari Lake won legitimately, and all of Hobbs’ crimes got swept under the rug.

You have to give it to the White Hats for their genius twists and turns. It keeps everyone guessing. 🥳😉😂


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