Joe Biden’s WW3 ‘EOs’

Criminal impostor Joe Biden issuing “faux” (counterfeit) EOs. Where does this inevitably lead? Every “Act of Joe” is an “Act of Treason”. Eventually….. Justice will come! —crp

According to Scholz Biden is “most skilled” at what? Pretending to be a criminally demented mentally disabled cognitively impaired psycho-pathologically lying impostor president? C’mon man! Is this what Biden is “most skilled” at? And now this criminally insane impostor president is, by means of impostor faux EO’s, is declaring WW3 on Russia and China; and initiating a new DoD Draft to prepare for another World War? —crp

>All the NATO equipment that arrived in 2021_2022 and January 17, 2023 to Europe has now been transferred to UKRAINE border ///

Now the DEEP STATE in EU U.S. is waiting for CIA FALSE FLAG OPS. <

—Q) The Storm Rider

The CIA are the worlds most corrupt government agency. They make the most money selling tones of class A drugs and child trafficking, and weapons.

The word Government in Latin translates to mind control. These people have only been put in place to keep humanity under a mind control spell while reaping the benefits as a world wide criminal enterprise in disguise as the “law”…

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