Release of J6 Sec Cams (1)

TUCKER: In free countries, governments do not lie about protests as a pretext to gain more power for themselves. They don’t selectively edit videos for propaganda services and then lie about them in fake hearings and show trials. But that’s EXACTLY what happened.

I’ll be having Kevin Strong, the ex-FAA employee who was at January 6th on my show tomorrow. He’s been on many of the videos youve seen. He is ready to come out and tell the world the truth about this set up sham.. This will be on


“What’s really happening here? What you’re seeing is hysteria.”

“It’s not outrage. Of course, it’s fear. It’s panic. “

“Those videos are a threat to the lies that Chuck Schumer has been telling for the last 26 months. And not just Chuck Schumer….Chuck Schumer, the Senate majority leader, was joined in this outrage by the Senate minority leader, & that would be a Republican, Mitch McConnell.”

“They’re all on the same side.”

—Tucker Carlson

Looks like the Jan 6th “insurrection” was actually just a photo op facilitated by Capitol Police and FBI.

Kamala compared this day to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor…

This was a coordinated PSYOP on the American People. To justify persecution of Trump and his supporters.


👉 @SGAnon_Q17

The leftwing media is melting down claiming Tucker Carlson “cherry picked” J6 footage. But all of this is NEW video the public hasn’t seen before.

So who is guilty of cherry picking? Tucker Carlson, or the people who refused to show us all 45,000 hours of footage?

Congratulations to Tucker Carlson on one of the biggest “scoops” as a reporter in U.S. history. The New Surveillance Footage of the January 6th Events sheds an entirely different light on what actually happened. The Unselect Committee was a giant SCAM, and has now unequivocally been stamped as CRIMINAL FABRICATORS OF THIS MOST IMPORTANT DAY. Pelosi & McConnell failed on security. The Police story is sad and difficult to watch. “Trump” and most others are totally innocent, LET THEM GO FREE, NOW! —djt

Great courage shown by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy in releasing the surveillance footage to Tucker Carlson so that our Country, and indeed the World, can see what really went on during the January 6th events. A whole new, and completely opposite, picture has now been indelibly painted. The Unselect Committee LIED, and should be prosecuted for their actions. Nancy & Mitch were a disaster on Security. Thank you Kevin and Tucker. FREE AT LAST!!! —djt

Give the DS (CIA affiliates) enough time to fabricate (manufacture) any psycho-political propaganda narrative and cover story (on MSM) their DS “think tanks” can imagine. Obviously this is one of them! —crp

The CIA are the worlds most corrupt government agency. They make the most money selling tones of class A drugs and child trafficking, and weapons.

The word Government in Latin translates to mind control. These people have only been put in place to keep humanity under a mind control spell while reaping the benefits as a world wide criminal enterprise in disguise as the “law”…

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