J6 Insider Information (1)


Karlin Younger, the woman who found the pipe bomb on Jan 6:

1: Works in NSA community

2: Works for DOJ

3: Received a $90 million dollar grant from the FBI a month before finding the bomb on Jan 6


1: The pipe bomb was found at the RNC at 12:40pm on January 6th. The timer was set to go off 20 minutes later at 1pm, but was allegedly stuck.

2: The 1pm detonation time coincides with the time the West Plaza protest outside the Capitol began, as well as the time Pence and Pelosi began the hearing to certify the electoral count.

3: The DHS ran an exercise 7 days before Jan 6 of this exact scenario: DHS simulated what would happen if the Capitol was stormed by extremists, after a pipe bomb sighting diverted resources away from the Capitol.

—Investigate J6

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