J6 What Went On That Day

23 0316

It wasn’t just undercover FEDS who helped perpetrate Pelosi’s J6 Reichstag fire.

Uniformed Capitol Police acted as accessories to the so-called “insurrection”.

Every J6 defendant should be released or have charges dropped based on this video alone.




Check It Out:👇🏻



Speaking on the investigations being conducted by the new Congress, Paul Gosar expects criminal referrals for Nancy Pelosi, other members of Congress and some within the military once the truth about J6 comes out.

“I would not leave it at just that. I think there’s also military that are involved. And I think that… heads have to roll. Otherwise, you condone this lawlessness, and that’s what America sees.”


H/T Gateway Pundit

Full vid: https://t.me/gatewaypunditofficial/26666

Congressman Paul Gosar On LYING MEDIA’s DEBUNKED J6 Narrative!

Arizona Rancher Charged for Shooting Illegal Alien?

Americans were promised the tapes so McCarthy should release the tapes.

Congressman Paul Gosar is here to talk about the phony J6 narrative.

J6 was a complete set-up from the very beginning and Nancy Pelosi knows exactly what went on that day!


In 2007, Joe Biden said he was arrested and immediately released for illegally entering the US Capitol’s Senate Chamber when he was 21 years old.

In 2021, Jacob Chansley was sentenced to four years in prison after spending ten months in solitary confinement for illegally entering the US Capitol’s Senate Chamber.

Would this be considered a two-tiered justice system that prosecutes individuals based on their politics?


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