Financial Situation Update

This is a manufactured banking crisis being used to RESET the system and usher us in to accepting a Digital Social Credit System.

“You will own nothing and be happy.” – Klaus Schwab

So Silicon Valley Bank had about $200 Billion on its balance sheet.

Ironically, $200 billion is also about how much we’ve sent to Ukraine.

—Charlie Kirk


Situation Update, Mar 13, 2023 – The Non-Bailout BAILOUT commences – banking system flooded with BILLIONS in liquidity to DELAY total collapse

– Janet Yellen announces Treasury “backstop” of deposits for THREE failed banks

– FDIC says it will use its Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) money

– Claims “no taxpayer money” will be used for bailout – but it’s A LIE

– FDIC only has $100 billion max, and bailouts will cost MORE

– After FDIC burns through cash, Fed will PRINT money for bailouts

– Banks encouraged to act recklessly, running risky bets that fail

– We’ve entered the chapter where Fed prints money to bail out all the failed banks

– This will cause #inflation and dollar devaluation – currency collapse

– There are nearly $10 TRILLION in bank deposits across the USA

– Over $300 trillion in derivatives exposures among banks

– FDIC has already burned through all its cash as of today

– How will FDIC cover the NEXT bank collapse?

– Rational people will pull money out of banks to reduce risk of exposure to collapse

– More people will move to gold, silver, crypto, ammo and other hard assets

– As Fed raises interest rates even higher, more banks will fail

– Controlled demolition of the banking sector and the US economy

—-The Health Ranger

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