Putin’s Russia Responds

JUST IN – Putin: Nord Stream attack was committed “at state level.”


Re: US Drone down in Black Sea. Daily Mail is FOS. Let’s see what the “Real News” has to say from both sides of this issue. —crp

🇺🇸🇷🇺 US plays victim over downed drone 1000s of miles from own shores, over the Black Sea near its ongoing proxy war with Russia in Ukraine.

A new world is emerging, one absent of American impunity. We were also hearing talk on and off about sending MQ-9 Reaper drones to Ukraine.

It was pointed out how vulnerable they would be to Russian air defense systems, and also apparently mid-air fuel dumps.

—Brian Berletic Newatlas Channel

A new world is emerging, one absent of American impunity. —Brian Berletic Newatlas Channel

Can anyone say “False Flag” or a “Set Up”? Biden’s DS “USA Inc.” MIC will throw the US (America) to the wolves of history in its final acts of national self-destruction turning US (America) into a Ukrainian styled desolation and wasteland. DS “USA Inc.” is a City of London Corporation not US (America). In this Americans are being “scapegoated” on the world stage. It’s Time to Differentiate! from “USA Inc.” & Act accordingly! —crp

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