CV19 Pandemic Simulation

Herr Dr. Fauci’s AIDS circa 1985 and his 2020 CV19 mock Pandemic – it’s all “just testing”! His best is yet to come as an ever present threat and danger to humanity. —crp

Coup D’État: RFK Jr. Asks, “What Is the CIA Doing In a Pandemic Simulation?”

Former Deputy Director of the CIA, Avril Danica Haines, participated in Event 201 in October 2019. There is evidence that at that time, C19 was already circulating.

But the CIA is not a public health agency. It’s “an agency that does coup d’états,” expressed RFK Jr.

Instead of promoting healthier lifestyles or Vitamin D, the Event 201 panel discussed how to use “this pandemic as a pretext for clamping down totalitarian controls.”

“And the first thing they said is, ‘We got to limit free speech; we can’t allow people to criticize government policies.’ And particularly, ‘We cannot allow people to talk about a lab leak.’ They’re doing this in October of 2019. Before any of us have ever heard of Wuhan!”

Full Interview:

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