Every State is a Border State


Not in Ukraine, not in the Middle East — at our Southern border. #SecureOurBorder


I spent the day in McAllen, TX meeting with top federal and state officials charged with defending our Southern border.

After listening to their testimony, I’m angrier than ever at the incredible failure of our federal government.

Secretary Mayorkas must be impeached!!


We have no idea who or what is coming across our Southern border.

But we do know that we’re being systematically and intentionally replaced by Joe Biden and the Democrats’ open border policies.



The U.S. Southern border is one of the most dangerous places in the world.

We are at WAR with the Mexican cartels, which is why I’m cosponsoring legislation to authorize the full force of our military against these thugs and killers.


Every state is a border state.

In just the last two years under the Biden Administration, fentanyl deaths in my district in Northwest Georgia have increased over 350%.

Americans are dying, and Democrats don’t even bother to show up for work.


Chris Cabrera, VP of National Border Patrol Council, just said suicides among Border Patrol agents is high due to the devastating things they see, especially with children, and frustration on the job.

NYPD has 35,000 officers and reported 4 suicides last year.

NBPC represents 18,000 Border Patrol agents and they reported 17 suicides last year.

Biden’s border crisis is driving suicides among BPA.


All we hear in Washington is “war in Ukraine, war in Ukraine!” I’m not listening to the foreign war drums.

The only war we should be waging is against the Mexican cartels because they’re already at war with us, murdering Americans every single day.


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