UC Davis same as with J6

Antifa storms UC Davis. Need to find out who’s organizing and directing them; and then find out who’s directing that and what their agenda is. We know George Soros and Obama; but there’s a chain of command and intermediary comm lines. Who is the Big Who behind all of these Antifa operations; as with J6. Antifa are operatives. —crp

We’re living in Zombie-Land for Real now. Where did all these demented psychotic zombies come from anyways? How did they become demented psychotic zombies in the first place? I mean, there’s nothing “normal” about them – it’s like there’s now a “pandemic” of mental illness mixed with criminal insanity! There must be a dramatic “cause” for this evil craziness – what is its “source”? or “programmer”? It’s a “cultivated” unnatural condition; there must be an “instigator” orchestrating this. —crp

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