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Update 23 0316

⚔️🇷🇺🇺🇦 NEW VIDEO: Washington’s Downed Drone + Growing Admissions of Ukraine’s Military Deterioration

Update on Russian military operations in Ukraine for March 16, 2023:

▪️Russian warplanes intercepted and apparently clipped the propeller of a US MQ-9 drone carrying out surveillance near Crimea;

▪️The US has no means of recovering the drone, though Russia may have an opportunity to recover it;

▪️While the drone operated in international airspace according to the US, it was collecting intelligence on behalf of Ukraine as part of ongoing hostilities, as a party of the conflict and thus threatening Russian national security;

▪️Bakhmut continues to face encirclement;

▪️The Western media has begun admitting to the grim deterioration of Ukraine’s forces under the weight of Russia’s strategy of attrition;

▪️Ukraine has lost the majority of troops trained by NATO over the last 8-9 years;

▪️Ongoing NATO training is rushed, incapable of meeting or exceeding Russia’s pool of trained manpower;

▪️Ammunition and weapons are also admittedly running out;

▪️Ukraine may or may not be diverting reserves for an upcoming spring offensive to instead fight in Bakhmut;

▪️Any possible counteroffensive around Bakhmut might indicate just how badly deteriorated Ukraine’s forces have become;

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