On Being Who You Really Are

I reach for the Divine Reality (as to God or Allah) when the complexities of this world become overwhelming; at such times it becomes self-evident that the Seminal Divine Reality – That from Which All Things Manifest as well as the Divine Order through which All Things Manifest of the World – as it is – (the ultimate Truth of it) is incomprehensible to the human mind with it’s corporeal physical world reality and worldly relativity; before which I am just a simple pawn; a product of being arbitrarily conceived and thereby circumstantially born into this world (such as it appears before me) for whatever I might be worth in this worldly scheme of things! The Art of Knowing and Divine Wisdom born of Knowledge becomes the focal purpose and meaning for my life; with experiential knowing becoming the adventure throughout the course of my lifetime. Through Acceptance of Divine Reality and Divine Purpose for every Form and Expression of the Living Creation – one of which is the “I Am that I Am” – one can simplify a Way of Life that transcends (rises above) the worldly complexities of chaos and violent confusions that chronically blind us to our higher Spiritual Truth. —crp

Acceptance of the Divine Reality, as in one’s Submission to God’s Will (this is not an act of propitiation) by this acceptance means basically “coming to your rational senses” about one’s intrinsic Divine Nature; as to who and what you really are; not the egocentric personality dramatization (the false self-deluded self) that one is socially indoctrinated into identifying with as one’s “person”; but the Divine Self; for which one intuitively realizes, by means of “Spiritual Correspondence”, the Divine Principles intending to guide and direct one’s ethical and moral compass through this worldly maze of physical material and psycho-sociological effects. Acceptance breaks down one’s self-deluded “psychopathological” resistance to one’s Divine Submission therefore breaking down selfish resistance to being who and what one is Divinely Created to be – just as you really are. —crp

About 2012 Convergence

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