Signs & Proxies of the Enemy

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Signs & Proxies of The Enemy


Demonic Non-human Principalities “behind” the WEF (and WHO agenda) are anti-human and anti-Divine Natural Life on Earth. With this We The People are ultimately faced with these anti-GOD anti-Divinity anti-Human anti-Life non-human entity(s) have invaded the Earth with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Trans-Human Agenda for Globalist NWO “Artificial Reality” Totalitarian Depopulation Control Exploitation and Abuse. —crp

Signs & Proxies of The Enemy


NWO Satanic Control not only of this world of Human Beings and worldly material resources but also over all Divine Natural Life on Earth. We The People of God are appointed by God through Genesis as Custodians and Stewards of Divine Creation according God’s designs; and We are not to be subservient slaves and meat for a Godless NWO “Artificial Reality” (satanic) creation. Know the Enemies of our world through their agencies and demonic signs. —crp

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