Ronnie Boy DeSantis

Yes exactly… Ronnie boy Desatan actually made one of our brave American WW2 veterans who was 100 yrs old, to sit there in a chair as a guinea pig, while Ronnie watched during an advertisement for the jabs, for him to get the vaccine that Ronnie boy Desatan insisted he should get! 4- months later this brave courageous veteran passed away. Ronnie got the shots and boosters!! Ronnie boy himself encouraged the shots and even shut down Florida and it’s Beaches! He’s trying to avoid this subject altogether at all costs! President Trump has put this on his site as well! The truth about Ronnie boy is coming out and the TRUTH can’t be hidden! Trump will make sure of it… The deceptive deceiver Desatan should not be in government… Period! —Lin

Ron DeSanctimonious is being CRUSHED in the polls, all of them. Many GLOBALISTS are having second thoughts. RINO’S Karl Rove, Pauline Ryan and Jeb, “Low Energy” Bush, are beside themselves. They have rarely witnessed a CRATERING of this magnitude. Maybe they should have told Ron that trying to destroy Social Security and Medicare, three times, is not a good thing to do. ALSO, his record on the China Virus, Crime, and Education is, despite his ever spinning P.R. Machine, ABYSMAL!!! 71^17 anyone? —DJT

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