The Language Paradox (1)

As Jane Goodall observed while living with Apes in the wild – the most significant difference between Apes and Humans is the human faculty of language. It’s something “added on” to the natural species. Human language, as in “The Word”, is “artificial” psychological programming; a “programmable” function implanted in the Human mind; Human language is a “mind controlling” program; perhaps the very foundation for trans-humanism; an “artificial” high tech transformation of the natural human being indigenous to earth. —crp

Truth is a Divine Principle. Creation is a Divine Principle. Intelligence is a Divine Principle. With Divine Creation “Form follows Function” by Divine (Intelligent) Design. Form is the shapes (Lifeforms) of Divine Manifestation take; Function is the Divine Purpose of these Forms in the Living Ecologies of Lifeforms on this planet. Now apply that to the Human Form and Function – what are the “Products” of the Human Race as distinct from the indigenous natural Lifeforms on Earth in the Form of Human Civilizations? —crp

There’s much distracted cognitive dissonance in worldly discourse; for one; everyone has their own lifelong cultivated experience knowledge & opinions. The Holy Divine holds the Highest Most Supreme Organizing Principles vital to cut through the works of Satanic worldly corruption w/ its Merchants of Chaos. Levels of Mass Deception are at their apex in what is happening in our world. Divine Principles illustrated in Holy Scriptures are the analytic tool to cut through this mass confusion. —crp

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