Language Program Edits

Part 1/3

Language Programming as w/ “The Word” is the very way a person is experiencing & understanding their life in this world. Advanced Human Manifestation as w/ Civilizations is accomplished through the Language Programming that structures the human mind into the way a person thinks & acts in concert w/ their carnal perceptual reality. Bottom line to consider here is that a human being is “genetically engineered” to be programmable & language as w/ “The Word” is the programming mo. —crp

Part 2/3

The multi-dimensional scope of the Language / Mind interface is so advanced it’s beyond human comprehension. HiTech Quantum AI programming is demonic child’s play compared to the reality of this! The main point in this is that human beings as “persons” are programmable functions (incl. the infamous ego) from cradle to grave. One must step outside the proverbial box to consider this reality matrix (programming) from a Spiritual perspective & understand how it works within oneself. —crp

Part 3/3

The vast majority of The People – in concert w/ Society – are individually dramatizing this reality matrix program person to person in their “pre-programmable” relationships. These are the people one is interacting with “in the streets” and in one’s “pre-programmable” course in life; everyone is acting out uniquely! Applying this Spiritual understanding to what’s happening in the world & in current events becomes most challenging in terms of common sense. Seek “The Word” of God! —crp

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